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The Art Creators’ Hub

Whether you’re new to art or a seasoned professional looking for tips, you’re in the right place. The Art Creators’ Hub is an ever-growing site of helpful content for anyone that enjoys art.

Here, you’ll find useful information, tips, ideas, and advice to help you get the most out of every kind of artwork you create.

From designing your own items with acrylics to creating amazing art pieces and business signages with chalk markers, our in-house artists have the best recommendations for you.

The Vibrant World of Chalk Markers

Want to make eye-catching chalkboard art like the ones in your neighborhood café or restaurant? With chalk markers, you can!

You don’t have to deal with chalk sticks that crumble and leave clouds of dust on the blackboard. Now, you can create beautiful art with chalk markers — a safe and versatile medium for artists of all ages.

Learn and Create With Dot Markers!

Say bye-bye to stained clothes and hands with Chalkola’s water-based Dot Markers! Washable, mess-free, and non-toxic, these kid-friendly stampers let you or your child make awesome art without using messy brushes or cups. Just dab onto paper and voila — a colorful dot to inspire your next art project!

Explore Acrylic Painting

Paint is a timeless medium for creative expression. Early artists used various pigments to paint on stones, scrolls, and other canvases both manmade and natural.

Today, you can choose from many types of paint, with three of the most common being acrylic, watercolor, and gouache.

In this section, we’ll embark on our paint journey with acrylics, one of the most versatile and accessible mediums available today.

Start your watercolor journey now

Luminous and translucent, watercolor paint is one of the most beautiful, beginner-friendly mediums available to artists today.

Discover how it’s made, its fascinating origins, and how to choose the right watercolor sets for your project.

We’ll also show you what supplies and techniques to use to create one-of-a-kind artworks.

Create on any surface with acrylic pens

What if you could unleash your creativity…mess-free? Say hello to Chalkola’s acrylic paint markers — one of the most useful and convenient art supplies you can own! It has all of acrylic paint’s great qualities: vibrancy, opaqueness, versatility, and ease of use, all in a handy, pen-like form.

Learn all about acrylic paint markers (aka paint pens), including how they work, when to use them, and what makes them different from conventional markers. We’ll also show you some of our favorite uses for these brilliant paint pens.


Want to paint with watercolors, but not sure where to start? Watercolor brush pens are great for learning about the medium without splurging on too many supplies. They’re vibrant, versatile, and beginner-friendly, so you’ll enjoy using them wherever you may be in your art journey.

Discover why artists love this modern medium and find inspiration for your next project, whether it’s painting, calligraphy, DIY crafts, or something else entirely. With watercolor brush pens, the possibilities are endless — a little imagination is all you need!


As artists, we know how the right tools and accessories can make you more excited about your art. That’s why we’re proud to offer premium and affordable art accessories — so you can express your creativity at home, at work, and in your everyday life. From chalkboards and letter boards to primed canvas panels and more, our accessory range will inspire you to live at your most vibrant.

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