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Our Acrylic Paint Marker Sets

Looking for the perfect acrylic marker set? Our range of water-based, non-toxic markers will inspire you to express your creativity in your own unique way. Check out our high-quality marker sets here:


Acrylic Paint Markers 40-Pack ProductAcrylic Paint Markers 30-Pack 1mm ProductAcrylic Paint Markers 20-Pack 1mm Product

Acrylic Paint Markers 15-Pack 3mm ProductAcrylic Paint Markers White 6-Pack Product


 Draw and Paint Away!

The beauty of acrylic markers is that they can be used by anyone, whether they’re a professional painter or they’re dabbling in art for the first time. This medium is unparalleled in ease of use and versatility, so you can experiment and explore along your art journey.

If you’re looking for fun projects to try, make sure to check out our tutorials. Our artist community is always coming out with crafts, artworks, and guides to help you hone your skills. We also have this Art Creators’ Hub where we talk all about our favorite art materials.

We’re excited to see your acrylic paint marker projects! Tag us on Instagram @chalkola and get a chance to be featured on our page. See you there!


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