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Art Supplies

all-around art

At Chalkola, it’s our mission to help you live a vibrant life. That's why we’ve developed this collection of versatile products for art enthusiasts of all ages. From all-around markers to artist-quality paints and mess-free chalkboards, you’ll find it easy and convenient to work on your art whenever creativity strikes!

More About Our Art Supplies

  • At Chalkola, we celebrate uniqueness and freedom of expression. That’s why we have a wide selection of products that caters to your every creative need, whether you’re just starting out with an art medium or well on your way to mastering drawing, painting, lettering, designing, and so on. We make sure we provide you with a variety of art supplies that are versatile and vibrant, like acrylic paint marker pens, watercolor brush pens, dry erase markers, washable dot markers for kids, and more, so you can unleash your creativity no matter your age or what stage you’re in.

  • Are Chalkola art supplies safe for kids and the environment? Absolutely! All our art supplies are non-toxic, mess-free, and easy to use, so everyone can enjoy creating art at home, school, work, and play. Got ink on your hands or clothes? No worries. Our dot markers, acrylic paint markers, dry erase markers, and watercolor brush pens are completely washable and won’t leave any stains or marks. We also have a natural chalkboard cleaner and whiteboard spray and eraser kit that can thoroughly wipe off any tough smudge left on your chalkboard, allowing you to create on your preferred surface over and over again without any hassle.

    Looking for multi-surface markers? Check out our collection of acrylic paint markers that come in all sorts of colors and finishes, and have reversible nibs in different sizes. Get to create on unique surfaces like fabric, wood, leather, rocks, and so much more–and experience the vibrancy and staying power of acrylics.

    Need mess-free art tools for toddlers to paint and create with? The washable dot markers for kids are the perfect choice with their easy-grip design, large reservoir of washable ink, and bright and shimmery colors that make art time extra fun. The set also includes a free activity book so kids can learn and create at the same time!

    Explore our art supplies section and find the art tools that will spark your creativity and help you live life vibrantly.

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