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What’s An Acrylic Paint Marker?

Acrylic Paint Marker Art

From teachers and toddlers to hobbyists and painters, many artists enjoy using acrylic paint markers. Also known as paint pens, paint markers, and acrylic pens, they combine the convenience of writing tools with the versatility of paint. Now, you can use rich and opaque colors in all your creative projects!

Each marker has a reservoir filled with water-based acrylic paint. It flows from the reservoir to a stiff nib ideal for both writing and drawing. With this nib, you can paint or draw straight onto a canvas — even without brushes, palettes, or other painting supplies!

Acrylic paint markers work on virtually any surface, including paper, wood, textiles, glass, ceramics, rocks, and so much more. They’re also kid-safe, non-toxic, and mess-free, making them perfect for home and classroom use. And they come in a dazzling array of colors and finishes — so you’ll never run out of creative ways to use them.

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