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What Is Watercolor Paint?

Watercolor paint is composed of three main ingredients: pigments, gum arabic, and additives. The gum arabic acts as a binder to keep the pigments in suspension, either in solid or liquid form. Adding water dissolves the gum arabic, which then “unlocks” the pigment and makes it more fluid. The more water you use, the more diluted the pigment will be; meaning you can create a full range of tints from just a single color.

Watercolor Paint Ingredients

Compared to oil and acrylic paint, watercolor is more fluid and transparent; it creates a unique finish that isn’t easily achieved with other types of paint. You can create soft edges, gradients, or flat areas of color, resulting in delicate and expressive artworks.

With such a beautiful effect, experimenting with watercolor is guaranteed to be fun and enjoyable!

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