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Art Accessories: Creative Ways to Use Chalkboards

Got your eyes on a gorgeous chalkboard? If you haven’t decided yet, these fun ideas will surely make you want your very own chalkboard pronto! This rustic accessory will not only spruce up any home, cafe, or restaurant, it’s also perfect for staying inspired, motivated, and organized all year round.

Whether you prefer chalk markers or traditional chalk, you’ll love these cute chalkboard ideas:

Monthly Calendar
Plan out your month in advance with a chalkboard monthly calendar! Our Rustic Chalkboard offers plenty of writing space so you can keep track of birthdays, events, or even deadlines at work! Draw the gridlines with white chalk markers and use a bright color to make your reminders stand out.

Chalkboard Calendar

Weekly Meal Plan
Making a meal plan for the family? Make it extra special by writing the menu down on a chalkboard! With just one glance, you’ll know exactly what dish to make — and if your chalkboard is magnetic, you can even attach the exact recipe for that dish. Talk about convenience!

Chalkboard Meal Plan

Chore and Reward Board for Kids
Did the kids make their bed? Set the table? Brush their teeth? Stay on track with a custom reward board! Let your kids pick their favorite chalk pen and tick off each chore they finished at the end of the day. With fun markers and a special reward, your little ones will be more than excited to help out!

Chalkboard Chore Board for Kids 

Homeschooling and Motivational Quote Board
This might be one of our favorite chalkboard uses. From learning ABCs, 123s, and other homeschooling activities to writing down an inspiring quote or mantra for the day, your chalkboard and chalk markers may be the best duo to have to keep the kids learning and creative the fun way everyday!

Chalkboard Quote Art

Shopping and To-Do Lists
Never forget to buy onions again! Keeping a chalkboard in the kitchen makes it easy to take note of any essentials that may run out. Once you get home from shopping, simply erase what you’ve written with a damp cloth or natural chalkboard cleaner. You can also use your chalkboard to create an eye-catching to-do list!

Chalkboard To-Do List 

Calligraphy and Personal Chalkboard Art
Practicing calligraphy or drawing? A framed chalkboard might just be the perfect canvas! The wipeable surface makes it easy to correct any mistakes, plus the wooden frame naturally draws the eye to your artwork. And with a colorful chalk marker set, you’ll enjoy writing and doodling for hours!

Chalkboard Calligraphy 

Pro tip: Want clean edges in your calligraphy piece? Use a Q-tip soaked in water to clean up any smudging or stray lines!

Seasonal Decorations
Finally, a decor item you don’t have to pack up! A rustic chalkboard is versatile enough to display all year round — and you can use it to express your holiday cheer. Whether it’s Christmas trees and reindeer or Easter bunnies and eggs, your seasonal artworks will make any holiday more special.

Chalkboard Seasonal Art

 Parties and Events

Add a touch of rustic elegance to any party with a chalkboard kickstand. The wooden frame is perfect for decorating with pastel and floral accents, while the porcelain surface lets you write virtually anything you wish! From the name of the event to the buffet menu, it’s guaranteed to be picture-perfect. And you can reuse the chalkboard after the festivities, too!

Chalkboard Parties and Events Decor

Menu Board
Have a cozy cafe with just a few menu items? Our rustic chalkboard is the ideal size for displaying on bar countertops and tables. Get a pack of pastel chalk markers and you’re all set to create a delightful menu board that you and your customers will love.

Chalkboard Menu Board

Cafe and Restaurant Specials
Want to advertise your daily specials? No need to spend money on printing — a chalkboard will do the trick just as well! If you’re artistic, you can even draw that particular dish or drink. Display your board outdoors or behind the counter, and watch the orders come in quickly!

Chalkboard Cafe and Restaurant Specials

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