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Creative Chalk Marker Applications

The beauty of liquid chalk is that it can be used on almost any surface for any kind of project. Whether you’re a mom, teacher, calligraphy artist, or business owner, here are some creative ways to use chalk markers:

Business Signages

Catch your customers’ attention with fun and creative signs! Use chalk pens to promote your newest product, advertise a sale, or spruce up your menu or recipe boards.

Chalk Markers for Business

Window Art

Who says you can’t paint on glass? Save on expensive decals by writing or drawing directly on your shop window. If you’re a parent, give your kids hours upon hours of doodling fun when you let them draw on glass or mirrors.

Chalk Markers Window Art


Add a touch of charm to any wedding or baby shower with a calligraphy greeting board. After the event, just wipe off the lettering and voila — a blank canvas for the next special occasion. You can also use chalk markers to personalize mugs or other giveaways.

Chalk Markers for Lettering

Labeling and Scrapbooking

Chalkboard labels are popular for many reasons. They give a neat, classic look that can enhance any spice rack, file cabinet, or scrapbook. Make organizing more fun with this set of white chalk markers with 50 free labels.

Chalk Markers for Labelling

Home Decorations

Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or any holiday in between, liquid chalk can help you make gorgeous craft projects and ornaments. Why not make a nature-inspired artwork or a set of spooky decorations for your next project?

Chalk Markers for Home

Customizing Personal Items

Make your stuff one-of-a-kind with erasable calligraphy or artwork. Decorate your binders, phone cases, or other personal items and simply wipe off the design when you’re ready for a change. Talk about creativity and convenience!

Chalk Markers for Customizing Personal Items

And More!

Because chalk markers are so versatile, you are only limited by your imagination. Kickstart your creativity with these DIY tutorials.

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Now that you’ve explored the wonderful world of chalk markers, it’s time to get out there and unleash your creativity. At Chalkola, our mission is simple: to live a vibrant life. That’s why we’ve created how-to videos and blogs to help you get to know our high-quality products. Whether you’re a professional artist or you’re just starting out, we hope these tutorials inspire you to create your next masterpiece.


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