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Paint & Canvas

premium painting essentials

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro–find the perfect painting must-haves right here. From richly pigmented acrylics to expert-grade watercolors, our paints can provide endless opportunities for varied creative expressions. Pair them with our pre-primed canvas sets, and you’re guaranteed to create masterpieces each time.

More About Our Paint & Canvas

  • Discover the varieties of paints and painting canvas panels, and all the incredible artworks you can create with them. You’ll love the wide selection of colors and the types of paint that you can also find in bundles. Whether you’re looking for rich and opaque acrylic painting supplies or paint to achieve soft and luminous effects, you’ll find what you need right here. Every art set includes all the shades and finishes you need to start, and more. You can also find paints with dazzling effects like metallics, and shades in electrifying neons that will add a unique touch to your creations. Start your art journey with our versatile acrylic paint products and artist-grade watercolor set, and watch your creativity flourish and reach its full potential.

  • What are the types of paint for art? The most commonly used paints are acrylic, watercolor, gouache, oil, and tempera. Each of these mediums can be used in different techniques and styles, and you’ll achieve different results too. You can even use the acrylic paint set to create designs on clothes, sneakers, fabrics, and other surfaces, which gives you endless acrylic painting ideas to explore and try out.

    How do you create and paint art? There’s no right or wrong way to create. Just pick up your paint brush or other art tool of choice like a palette knife, sponge, or your fingers...and start expressing your creativity on your preferred surface, be it a painting canvas or fabric, wood, paper, rocks–it’s all up to you! Just make sure you’re set up for a hassle-free experience, with your water cup, pencil, brushes, and other art supplies all ready by your side.

    What are the types of painting canvases? Find premium quality and ready-to-use sets of canvas panels in an assortment of sizes and shapes right here at Chalkola. Made with 100% cotton, each canvas surface is hand-stretched to perfection, making it smooth and easy for you to apply paint on. The canvas panels are also primed with 8oz. of acid-free acrylic titanium gesso so you can create right away! These canvases are essential for any artist who wants to paint on durable panels that will last a long, long time. Every good project starts with your imagination, and the rest will follow when you’ve got the right painting supplies at hand.

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