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complete sets for every art lover

All set! We’ve combined all the top art supplies that our customers have been buying together into convenient bundles, so you can enjoy a complete and seamless creative experience, always–whether it’s at home, work, school, or play. This way, you get to save more, get more, and create more with Chalkola.

More About Our Bundles

  • Just getting started on a particular art medium? Then art sets and bundles are a great option for you. For artists who may already have a preferred art tool, a bundle can help you expand your skills and give you a fresh perspective with a new medium to create with. You can get just about any medium, from illustrating and painting to chalk markers and acrylic paint markers.

  • When buying art kits, make sure you choose a set that has all the supplies you need to create incredible pieces – just add your own brand of creativity and imagination.

    What supplies do artists need? The types of art supplies required depend on the technique or style that you want to do. In general, you will need the medium and the surface to use it on. If you want to master illustrating, lettering, or doodling, you would want liquid chalk markers or acrylic paint pens with a good selection of colors and nib sizes, plus a non-porous magnetic chalkboard for mess-free creating; or if you want to work on your painting skills, you will need easy-to-use acrylic paints or watercolor paints, and canvas panels.

    In this section, you will find a great variety of bundles for kids, bundles for artists, and other art sets that feature extra accessories, like a liquid chalk eraser kit or washable dot markers, to make sure you’re covered with all your creative needs. You can even share them with kids or other art enthusiasts, too.

    We’ve selected all the best art supplies and combined them in convenient and versatile sets so you don’t have to worry about anything else. Check out our art kits and bundles today so you can get more of the supplies you love for less.

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