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What Is a Chalk Marker?

Chalkola Chalk Markers

A chalk marker or chalk pen is a writing instrument that produces chalk-like lines. While it has the word "chalk" in its name, these markers don’t actually contain any chalk; instead, they are made with pigment-based ink that dries to a vibrant yet powdery finish. Because it uses ink instead of powder, chalk markers can sometimes be referred to as "liquid chalk."

The liquid chalk flows from the inside of the marker to a porous tip or nib, which then delivers the ink to your chosen canvas. Markers come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and nibs, giving you endless creative possibilities.

Like its traditional counterpart, chalk pens are erasable as long as you use them on non-porous surfaces such as glass, ceramics, and whiteboards. But while most whiteboard markers are dry-erase, liquid chalk is wet-erase — meaning it can only be removed with a wet cloth or paper towel. This makes chalk markers a popular choice for window or outdoor signs; they won’t smudge or transfer once you let them dry.

You can also use chalk pens on wood, paper, and fabric just like you would any other felt-tip marker. The colors will remain opaque and bright, but your artwork will no longer wipe or wash off, even if you use a wet towel.

Because it's such a versatile material, chalk markers are becoming more and more popular among artists and crafters. You can use these markers for signages, decorations, DIY projects, and almost every crafting project under the sun.

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