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Fun Techniques to Try with Watercolor Brush Pens

Watercolor Brush Pens Techniques

Dreaming of all the projects you can do with Chalkola brush pens? We’ve got more inspiration for you. Try out these easy watercolor painting techniques:

Dry On Dry

Simply uncap your pen and paint directly onto the paper. This technique produces saturated colors and is perfect for smaller areas where you want more precision and control. If you’re doing calligraphy, dry on dry is the way to go.

Dry On Wet

This technique creates beautiful variations within a single shade. Using a clean brush, apply water to the surface of your watercolor pad. Once you apply paint to the wet surface, the ink will flow and separate, resulting in subtle color changes. You can experiment with the amount of water you use to create different effects.

Graded Wash

A graded wash is a layer of paint that transitions from light to dark or vice versa. To do a graded wash, rub paint onto your palette and use a clean water brush to pick it up. Then, use the water brush to paint like normal. Eventually, the paint will become less and less saturated until it runs out.

You can also do this technique with two different watercolor pens. To start, pick two colors you want to use. Lightly touch the brush tips to each other, transferring some of the darker ink onto the lighter brush. Now, you’re ready to paint! The brush will produce a beautiful gradient, starting with the darker shade and gradually transitioning to its original color. It’s also a great way to mix shades without having to use a palette.


One of the most popular painting techniques, masking allows you to create clean borders and shapes within your watercolor artworks. All you have to do is apply masking tape or fluid over the desired area and paint as usual. Once the paint has dried, you can peel off the mask. This is also the best way to use white in your paintings.

Dots And Lines

Watercolor brush pens have flexible, pointed tips, allowing you to create fine details and chunky lines. You can use varying pressures while you paint to design an abstract piece with just dots and lines. Combine this technique with dry-on-wet for interesting results!

And So Much More!

The fun doesn’t end here! Whether you use traditional watercolors or brush pens, there are plenty of fun techniques you can try that will breathe life into your artwork. Get out there and start painting!

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