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Art Accessories: Fun Letter Board Ideas!

Chalkola Double-Sided Felt Letterboard

Looking for a cute decor piece you’ll never get tired of? Letter boards are fun, affordable, and easy to use, making them a favorite among moms and entrepreneurs.

Whether you want to display a meaningful quote or make an Instagram-worthy menu board, this rustic accessory is sure to enhance your home or business. And it’s endlessly reusable, too!

Check out some fun ways to use your letter board below:

Chalkola Letterboard Art

Take your shoots to the next level with an eye-catching letter board! From wedding announcements to baby’s growth milestones, this art accessory is sure to get plenty of use at home. It’s the cutest way to share your joy and add magic to special occasions.

Cafe and Restaurant Menus
If you have a small menu or seasonal promotion, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a felt letter board. You can advertise specials or make a custom menu — and more importantly, make changes whenever you need to. Not only will you save money on printing fees; the charming design will also draw more customers in!

Home Decor
Do you spend most of your free time crafting or drawing? Incorporate your hobbies into your home decor with a letter board display. Add drawings to the board for extra flair or spruce up your crafting room with a witty quote. Get creative with your displays and design a space that’s truly you!

Chalkola Letterboard Design

Pro tip: Add color to your letter board using one or two chalk markers! The ink can be washed away, so you can rotate between plain and colorful letters with every display.

Motivational Quotes
Whether you’re at home or in the office, start each day with a dose of positivity. Create a display with your favorite Bible verse, mantra, or quote and get a boost of motivation whenever you need it. Whether you have a fitness plan or a big project at work, this is an awesome way to stay focused and inspired.

Chalkola Letterboard Quote

Learning Activities
Have toddlers at home? Help your little ones learn the alphabet with letter board lessons. Introduce each letter as you display it and sing the alphabet song once you get to Z. Later on, you can also use the board to teach simple words, numbers, and spelling!

Calendar and To-Do List
Staying organized doesn’t have to be a chore. Give your desk a minimalist makeover with a letter board calendar or to-do list. Chalkola’s Double-Sided Letter Board comes with months and days of the week, so you can easily design a calendar that you (and your co-workers) will love.

Chalkola Letterboard Calendar and Memo

Say It with Chalkola’s Letter Board!

Our letter board comes with more than 300 symbols and letters, letting you design menus, business signs, home decor, and more. Each board comes with pre-cut 1” and 2” letters plus a handy storage box — so you can easily make eye-catching props and displays. It also comes with a wooden block stand perfect for use on tables, desks, and countertops.

With so many ways to use our letter board, it’s the best way to spruce up your home, restaurant, or cafe! Learn more about this useful accessory below:

Chalkola Letterboard Product

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