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Why Artists Love Acrylic Paint Markers

Whether you love to paint, draw, doodle, or craft, you’re sure to get plenty of use out of our acrylic paint markers. They’re so versatile, you can use them for almost any surface or project! And there are more reasons to love these practical paint pens:

Easy to Use

Acrylic Paint Markers - Product Use

No need to wash brushes! Acrylic paint pens let you enjoy all the fun of painting minus the cleanup required afterward. They’re also portable, so you can make art anywhere, any time. Just uncap the marker and start painting!


Acrylic Paint Markers Creations 

Acrylic markers can be used on a wide variety of materials, including wood and even rocks. (To ensure that your acrylic paint markers last, it’s recommended to paint or draw on smooth surfaces only.) Have a blast designing greeting cards, coasters, pencil cases, and mugs, or try rock painting with the kids. Our paint markers are resistant to fading, water, and abrasion, so your artworks will remain smooth and vivid for a long time.

Rich and Brilliant Colors

Acrylic Paint Markers Colors

From bright white and deep black to kaleidoscopic shades, you’ll never run out of inspiration with our acrylic paint marker sets. Acrylic paint markers are highly pigmented, so you can use them directly on light and dark surfaces. There are even metallic and neon finishes to give your unique creations some added pizzazz!

Convenient Nibs

Acrylic Paint Markers Nibs

Acrylic paint markers come in a variety of nib types and sizes. The 1mm-thick nib lets you create delicate strokes, ideal for small writing and detail work. There’s also a 3mm nib for more versatile applications.

You can also choose from round nibs and chisel nibs. Round nibs are suited for writing and fine details, while chisel nibs are perfect for filling in large areas. Our 3mm nibs are reversible, with a round tip on one side and a chisel tip on the other. This way, you get more uses out of your acrylic paint marker!

Kid-Friendly and Non-Toxic

Acrylic Paint Markers Non-Toxic Product

It’s not just artists who enjoy using acrylic paint markers. Moms and kids love them, too! The thick markers are easy to grip, so toddlers can use them to doodle, color, and practice their handwriting. Plus, the paint inside is low-odor and non-toxic, making them some of the best markers for kids. And you don’t have to worry about messy spills or splatters!

With so many reasons to love acrylic paint markers, it’s no wonder they’re popular for home and professional applications. But you might be wondering, what makes them different from the other types of markers out there?

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