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Get Inspired with These Watercolor Brush Pen Projects

Watercolor brush pens can be used in so many ways to express your creativity. Find inspiration for your next project with these watercolor marker ideas:


Whether your art style is realistic or abstract, watercolor is a beautiful medium for colored illustrations. The colors can be as deep or subtle as you need, allowing you to create eye-catching sceneries and portraits.

Watercolor Brush Pen Artwork


Have gorgeous penmanship? Show it off with a brush calligraphy piece? Not only is it cute and personalized, but it’s also super relaxing to make (and watch).

Watercolor Brush Pen Calligraphy


Make Mondays more cheerful! Use watercolor brush pens to highlight important dates, record milestones, or decorate full pages in your journal. At the end of the year, you can look back on the progress you made with your art.

Watercolor Brush Pen Journaling

Greeting Cards

Make your loved ones’ day with personalized greetings using watercolor brush pens. From birthdays and weddings to Thanksgiving and Christmas, nothing beats receiving a heartfelt, handmade card. Plus, watercolors work especially well on cardstock!

Watercolor Brush Pen Greeting Card

DIY Projects

Decorating for the holidays? Get the kids in on the fun with this easy watercolor project! This tutorial is for Valentine’s Day hearts, but can easily be adapted for other occasions. Your kids will love seeing their artwork all over the house!

Watercolor Brush Pen Artwork

Adult Coloring Books

Yes, you can use watercolor brush pens for coloring books. In fact, these markers are smoother than pencils or crayons, so you can really relax while filling in the page. Grab all your favorite shades and let your worries drift away!

Watercolor Brush Pen Adult Coloring Book

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