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Tips for Dot Marker Use

Now that you’re brimming with ideas for your next project, we’ll give you a few more tips for using dot markers. In this section, you’ll learn:

  • how to activate your markers; and
  • how to remove dot marker stains.

  • How to Activate Dot Markers

    Unlike most markers, which come ready to use, dot dabbers need to be activated to get the ink inside them flowing. Thankfully, it’s as easy as 1-2-3! Here’s how to get your kids’ dot markers started:

  • Shake the marker with the cap on.
  • Twist off the cap and press the tip on a piece of paper.
  • Stamp away!

  • Here’s a video tutorial featuring our 10-piece dot marker set.

    How to Remove Dot Marker Stains

    If your kids’ hands and clothes look like a painting after using dot markers, don’t fret! With just a little bit of soap and water, the ink should wash away. No need for bleach or other harmful chemicals — just paint, wash, and repeat!

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