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78 Painting Ideas to Inspire and Delight Your Inner Artist

78 Painting Ideas To Inspire And Delight Your Inner Artist

If you want to be inspired to paint, then you’ll love this epic list of painting ideas. We narrowed down our top choices and put together our best-of-the-best selection to give you 78 incredible techniques that will spark your creativity and bring art into your life. So, if you're ready to delight your inner artist, dive in!

We start our list with easy creative ideas that you can do right at home–some of which on surfaces that you never thought twice to use as an art medium before. Keep reading until the end for some mind-blowing inspirations that you absolutely need to try with your art supplies.

Paint Your Window With Chalk Markers 
You’re no longer limited to chalkboards and sidewalks when you have these versatile and vibrant liquid chalk pens. Non-toxic, ghost-free, dustless, and completely erasable on non-porous surfaces, you can use these chalkboard markers on your windows for hours on end without any smudges, hassle, or mess. They’re completely fun to use, you can easily practice drawing and painting in different ways, and you can change up your window art anytime you want to make your home, or your place of business, extra colorful and eye-catching.

Rock Painting With Acrylic Paint Markers 
Who knew you can turn rocks into art pieces?! Acrylic paint pens are all the rage these days because of their versatility and rich pigments. They work beautifully on virtually any surface, like canvas bags, fabrics, plastics, and more so you can create art on mostly anything found around the house. Go from doing fine details to bold strokes with the paint markers’ reversible nib, so you can paint on either small or big surfaces with ease. Try it with the kids and design a colorful set of rock paperweights!

Color With Washable Dot Markers for Creative Learning
Make learning creative and fun at home with these non-toxic washable dot markers for kids. Each marker contains 60ml of ink so you can explore the many ways you can dot, draw, and paint. Try out this four seasons tree art activity to help kids identify and match colors with the seasons. 

Customize Your Phone Case With Acrylics
There’s no need to buy a new phone case once you get tired of your old one when you can redesign and customize it with Chalkola’s acrylic paint set. Come up with incredible color combinations and designs from the 64 vivid color selection, and get to create textured artworks with the thick and high viscosity paints. It’s easy to dial up your phone case with a fresh coat of acrylic paint!
Learn how to do different acrylic paint techniques and explore its other uses on the art creators' hub.

Practice Painting Food With Watercolor
Food, particularly cake, is one of the best subjects to practice your painting skills on. Why? For one, cake has layers, details, and subtle color gradients that you can replicate on paper with a fine brush pen and Chalkola’s smooth and blendable watercolor paint. Like baking, painting with watercolor also requires the right mix of water to get things just right, so this is great practice to keep perfecting your painting skills.

Paint Words With Watercolor Brush Pens
Whether you’re a beginner or a professional artist, these watercolor brush pens will make painting easier and faster with their opaque, quick-drying ink. Work on your painting strokes by creating words in different colors, which will turn out beautifully like written art. Use this technique on your journal, DIY greeting cards, or frame the pages to hang on your walls. You can even make colorful buntings with these multipurpose paint pens.

Paper Marbling With Jumbo Chalk Markers
Don’t be fooled by the term ‘markers.’ Chalkola’s jumbo markers have so many other creative uses on top of drawing and coloring. With their extra large size and 3-in-1 15mm nib, you can actually pump out enough ink to apply the paper marbling technique using chalk markers, and come up with your own color combinations and unique patterns!

78 Painting Ideas - Paper Marbling Technique

Paint Your Shoes Using Acrylic Paint Pens
Because acrylic paint marker pens work on any surface, you can easily refresh so many pieces in your wardrobe–even your canvas shoes! Aside from painting on bags, shirts, and denims to name a few, you can step up your shoe game by putting your own stamp of creativity on an old pair, or a new one, with acrylic paint pens. No brush needed, just uncap your markers and create away.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Shoes

Painted Buntings With Washable Dot Markers
Celebrating a holiday, family occasion, or milestone? Whatever it may be, nothing says ‘fun party’ more than colorful DIY buntings strung along your walls–something you can create with the kids using non-toxic washable markers. Paint rainbows, do different dot artworks, or add extra sparkling accents with the washable dot markers with shimmer–you’ve got endless creative options to choose from!

78 Painting Ideas - Painted Buntings

CD Painting Using Acrylics
We rarely use CDs anymore, but don’t throw out yours just yet. For a completely unique painting surface, you can create art on your compact discs using the most versatile paint today–acrylic paint. Just like painting on canvas, you’d be surprised how easy it is to work on an unconventional surface like a CD. But that’s the beauty of acrylics, you can work with it anywhere and anytime.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint on CD

Paint Postcards With Watercolors
Now more than ever, sending out greeting cards or postcards is such a wonderful and meaningful way to connect with loved ones. And what better way to express your creativity and show some love at the same time than by sending the people you care about a watercolor painted postcard inspired by your happy place.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint A Postcard

Flower Painting And Journaling Using Watercolor Pens
Sometimes, our thoughts and feelings are best expressed through art. A great way to do that and to practice painting with watercolor pens at the same time is through keeping a journal, which you can fill with your favorite blooms or those that surround you throughout the seasons. This will show beautifully in your journal as your flowers change colors and transition from summer to spring.

78 Painting Ideas - Flower Painting And Journaling

Recreate A Famous Painting With Chalk Markers
With your non-porous chalkboard and your favorite set of chalk markers, you can easily recreate a famous painting like The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh -- a fun piece to start with because of its bold strokes and almost abstract style. The great thing about this project is you won’t have to replace your canvas or start from scratch whenever you mess up as liquid chalk pens are completely erasable on any non-porous surface–you just wipe it off and paint again. So what’re you waiting for? Let’s Gogh!

78 Painting Ideas - Recreate A Famous Painting

Paint On Wood With Acrylic Pens
Paint on wood slices and make them stand out as table centerpieces! Acrylic paint markers are the best art tools for the job because they dry quickly to a bold and bright finish–exactly like how acrylics do–and they’re easier to use on smaller surfaces as they come in pen form and have perfectly sized nibs for finer details.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Wood Slices

Paint Color Matching For Toddlers
An easy learning activity that you can do with toddlers is teach them color matching through painting. Washable dot markers are designed with an easy-grip feature and are 100% non-toxic, so kids can spend as much time as they want painting and coloring, safely and mess-free. For this project, just draw an outline of an animal, section it by color, and allow the kids to color those sections with dot markers. Easy, fun, and educational!

78 Painting Ideas - Paint Color Matching

Paint On Clay With Acrylics
Combine gardening and painting with this exciting art project. Using your paint brush and acrylics, refresh your clay garden pots by adding your own brand of creativity on them. You can go for nature-inspired designs or do color blocking for a minimalist look. If you have a lot of clay pots to spare, then you have more surfaces to get creative on!

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Clay

Practice Gradient Painting With Watercolors
Fascinated by the ever changing colors of the sky? Make this your inspiration to practice gradient painting using different shades and color combinations. Watercolor is the ideal medium for this because it’s easy to layer and blend, and you can control the opacity depending on the amount of water you add to your paint. Make this a daily habit and you’ll be a pro at blending and color transitioning in no time.

78 Painting Ideas - Gradient Painting

Paint By Objects With Watercolor Pens
Showcase all your favorite colors on one page in a unique way by using interesting objects like stones, gems, and the like as your outline. It’s like painting on an adult coloring book but better because it’s completely DIY! This idea will spark your creativity and make you appreciate random objects like never before.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint By Objects

Paint On Eggs Using Liquid Chalk Markers
Whether it’s for an Easter egg hunt, an art project, or just to make your eggs look extra colorful in the tray, eggs are always fun to paint on. Using your trusty chalkboard markers, add playful designs to your eggs like funny faces, flowers, patterns, words, and more. The challenge here is not to break them!

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Eggs

Welcome Mat Painting With Acrylic Markers
Who doesn’t love a warm welcome? Customize your welcome mat by adding your own greeting or design using acrylic paint pens. Whether you just want to write a simple ‘hello’ or ‘come in,’ or paint an artwork, having a colorful and personalized mat to welcome guests will never fail to put a smile on their face before they enter your home.

78 Painting Ideas - Welcome Mat Painting

Paint A Rainbow Tile Design With Washable Dot Markers
Need inspiration for your next artwork? Look to the floor and recreate that tile pattern you’ve always admired. If there’s none, paint one! Washable dot markers for kids aren’t just for the young ones to enjoy. In fact, because the markers can create a perfect dot by just dabbing them on paper, you can easily do all kinds of patterns and designs, like this incredible piece below.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint A Tile Design With Dot Markers

Paint On Your Paint Palette
Ever looked at your unwashed paint palette and thought it looked amazing with all that colorful leftover paint? Then there’s your next painting idea -- turn your old palette into your next masterpiece. Just whip out your paint brush and acrylic paint, and create unique strokes and beautiful textures on your palette using a medley of stunning colors.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Your Paint Palette

Paint And Stamp With Watercolors
Got watercolor and a set of letter stamps? An awesome painting idea you can do is incorporate the two art tools in one artwork. How? First, paint a typewriter. Then, instead of writing the letters on the paper, take your letter stamps, dip them one by one in watercolor, and spell out the words on your artwork. You can send this out as a postcard, too!

78 Painting Ideas - Paint And Stamp With Watercolors

Fruit Painting Using Watercolor Brush Pens
Watercolor Brush Pens are great to practice painting with because they’re already filled with the perfect amount of paint and water to produce beautiful and vivid strokes, making them convenient to use anywhere and anytime. So even if you’re out and about, you can sit down across a fruit stand, take inspiration from the fruits, and play around with their varying sizes, shapes, shades, and shadows. Or just do it at home and paint different kinds of fruits everyday!

78 Painting Ideas - Fruit Painting

Paint On Cardboard Masks
Make use of those cardboard boxes you have lying around with this DIY arts and crafts idea. Instead of buying ready-made masks, reuse your cardboard and cut out different animal face shapes, then paint on them with liquid chalk markers. You’ll have as much fun creating these recycled masks as using them!

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Cardboard

Paint On Dried Leaves
A lot of people collect fallen leaves to press and preserve them. If you’re one of those people, then you just might love this painting idea -- paint patterns on dried leaves. Acrylic paint pens are the best art tool for this project as you won’t need anything else but the markers to create art on leaves. Their colors show up brilliantly on any surface so you’re guaranteed to create an unbe-leaf-able masterpiece each time.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Leaves

Paint Fan Art With Washable Dot Markers
One movie scene that you can easily recreate with dot markers is the one on UP where the house is up in the sky being carried away by countless balloons. With the bright color selection and more than enough ink loaded in each pen, you can dab, dot, and paint away for hours on end. Consider do-a-dot art markers as your go-to painting tool to create bright circles, clusters, and more.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint Fan Art

Paint On Glass
With its rich pigment and consistency, acrylic paint will show up and hold well on any glass surface. And a great way to reuse any piece of glass is to paint on it. Just like the striking Koi artwork you see below, a vibrant painting on glass can add extra oomph to any space. Just make sure you have a stable stand to keep it from falling and breaking.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Glass

Collage Painting
Photo collages are great, but have you ever tried collage painting with watercolor? Instead of painting just one image on paper or canvas, what you do is paint a collection of themed images like the one below. To make sure your borders are aligned, divide your paper with masking tape, and then paint your images within the sections. Once you’re done, carefully remove the tape, and voila! You’ve got a beautifully collaged artwork worthy of framing.

78 Painting Ideas - Collage Painting

Mandala Painting
Mandalas are probably one of the most relaxing artworks that you can paint. Whether you want to color a ready-made outline or create one from scratch, using watercolor brush pens to fill in your mandala with electrifying colors will probably be the most satisfying activity you can do at home to de-stress and unlock your creativity.

78 Painting Ideas - Mandala Painting

Bird Painting With Liquid Chalk Markers
From Picasso to Monet, artists of the past and the present have painted different birds they’ve encountered in their lifetime. And this is something you can also do using liquid chalk markers. With their vivid ink and erasable quality (on non-porous surfaces), painting and creating over and over will be such a breeze on any smooth medium. Just enjoy the colors and let your creativity fly high!

78 Painting Ideas - Bird Painting

 Paint On A Ceramic Decoration
Welcome guests into your home with a personalized message painted on a ceramic ornament. Instead of buying one to display on your main door, you have the option to refresh your design whenever you feel like it using versatile acrylic paint pens. Your happy place is completely yours to decorate!

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On A Ceramic Decoration

Themed Paint Craft Idea
A great way to bond with the family is through a creative activity, especially during the holidays. So come Thanksgiving, why not do this paint craft idea and let the kids dot and dab colors on a cutout turkey using non-toxic washable dot markers? You can also do a bunny for Easter, or a reindeer for Christmas! Better prepare a few Rudolph cutouts though… The kids will want to paint that shiny red nose first for sure.

78 Painting Ideas - Themed Paint Craft Idea

Miniature Painting With Acrylics
Using acrylic paint and the smallest paint brush imaginable, challenge your focus and balance by painting on unconventional surfaces like long-grain rice or tiny polymer clay sculptures. Despite the size, your artwork will still stand out as acrylics are super opaque and pigmented.

78 Painting Ideas - Miniature Painting

 Paint Your Favorite Pizza
We all have our favorite pizza flavor, and what better way to show our love for this crusty dish than by recreating it on paper with watercolor. It’s a great food subject to paint because it has a lot of toppings which means you get to use a lot of colors on your artwork, too.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint Your Favorite Pizza

Herb And Plant Painting Journal
Combine sketching and painting by starting your herb and plant journal. Much like how florists, herbalists, and artists have done in the past, you can take note of all your favorite greens on one page by sketching and then painting them using watercolor brush pens, which are the ideal art tools for this project as you don't need anything else but the markers to paint your illustrations. They’re convenient, vibrant, and fun to use wherever you may be.

78 Painting Ideas - Herb And Plant Journal

Hand Painting
This is a wonderful and easy way to start painting without using brushes. Just pump out liquid chalk marker paint onto a palette, spread it out to cover the fingers and palm, and stamp your painted palm onto paper. Create something special using different paint colors to make up a series of cards like the delightful sample below.

78 Painting Ideas - Hand Painting

Portrait Painting
They say painting a face is difficult to do, but with practice and the right tools, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Whether you’re into realistic illustrations or leaning towards a more abstract style, acrylic paint markers have perfectly sized nibs and highly pigmented colors to create striking portraits, including the tiniest facial details. The key is to practice and work on spacing the features to achieve symmetry and resemblance.

78 Painting Ideas - Portrait Painting

Paint With Shapes
Let toddlers learn shapes the fun way with washable dot markers for kids. A creative way to help them recognize shapes is to draw various outlines, and let them paint within the illustrations using different dot marker colors. This will also encourage them to associate some shapes with colors, like red is to a heart, and yellow is to a school bus, and so on.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint With Shapes

Swatch Painting
If you’re familiar with Rothko’s paintings, you’d notice that some, if not most, of his works look like paint swatches. Despite his minimal style, his unique color combinations and painting strokes resulted in iconic masterpieces. If you’re not one to express yourself through recreating objects or other subjects, your style may just be like Rothko’s. So work on your strokes and color combinations, and create masterpieces everyday through paint swatching on paper.

78 Painting Ideas - Swatch Painting

Stippling Painting Technique
Stippling is a technique that uses small dots or scattered brush strokes to create different textures. You can paint each dot in a controlled way with a fine brush, or you can use a bigger flat brush and let the bristles create the marks for you. You can experiment by combining two or more colors or transitioning from one color to another--but the outcome will always look unique and dimensional.

78 Painting Ideas - Stippling Painting Technique

Tie Dye Painting With Watercolor Brush Pens
Have fun recreating a bright tie dye effect using watercolor brush pens. Unlike gradient painting, wherein you transition seamlessly from one color to another, tie dye painting allows you to apply different colors and strokes to achieve random patterns and textures on paper.

78 Painting Ideas - Tie Dye Painting

Picture Frame Painting
Here’s a cool painting idea -- paint on the glass of a picture frame using chalk markers. Instead of using the picture frame to display a photograph, take it up a notch and create a colorful artwork on its surface, which will look like an instant masterpiece because of the nice frame providing a dramatic accent around it.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On A Picture Frame

Paint On Rubber Slippers
Step up your creativity and use versatile and vibrant acrylic paint pens to design your old or new pair of rubber slippers! Paint on swirls and doodles, color the whole surface, or create an abstract artwork on them. Just have fun painting and wearing your refreshed footwear.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Rubber Slippers

Rainbow Dot Painting
One thing we won’t ever get tired of seeing is a rainbow. And if you have toddlers, it’s probably one of their favorite images to create. Using bright washable dot markers, let the kids enjoy painting their own rainbow by giving them an outline that they can trace and paint with their markers. They’ll definitely enjoy lots and lots of dots for hours on end.

78 Painting Ideas - Rainbow Painting For Kids

Paint On Your Bag Using Acrylics
Acrylics can be used on any surface, so it’s only perfect to give your old bag an all-new swag by painting on it. This may seem challenging, but customizing your bag using acrylic paint pens is definitely beginner-friendly. Just use a pencil to draw your outline and then fill it with colors -- you can paint on just one side of the bag or both. Acrylic paint dries quickly anyway so it’s always mess-free and hassle-free to use.

78 Painting Ideas - Bag Painting

Paint On A Small Recycled Notebook
This painting idea hits two birds with one stone. First, you’ll enjoy creating a small notepad from recycled materials such as organic or natural paper, and second, you’ll be challenged to paint tiny artworks on your notepad’s pages using the smallest paint brush and watercolor paint. It’s a major arts and crafts project rolled into one tiny masterpiece! 

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On A Small Recycled Notebook

Moon Painting Through Color Blocking
So many are mesmerized by the moon, and if you’re one of them, this painting idea is for you. Turn your love for the Earth’s natural satellite into a beautiful art piece using the color blocking technique and watercolor brush pens. Like the painting below, think of the shape you want for your background, and place the moon over it for contrast. Then paint both shapes with distinct colors for a striking color blocked effect. Out of this world, right?

78 Painting Ideas - Moon Painting

Paint Your Paint Brush With Chalk Markers
Paint brushes aren’t just for creating art -- they can be turned into artworks, too! To make your paint brush masterpieces look timeless, opt for dreamy pastel colors that you can find in the vintage colors chalk markers set, and paint away. You can do faces, abstract designs, messages, or whatever you want to create on your brushes. One thing’s for sure, you’ll enjoy giving them more character.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Paint Brushes

Paint On A Ceramic Mug With Acrylic Markers
Add a personal touch to your plain mugs by customizing them using acrylic paint pens, which are great on any surface and easy to use on smaller mediums with their fine nibs that come in chisel and round tips. What’s so awesome about this art idea is that you can easily erase your design in case you want to change it up, or make it permanent by baking it in the oven at 360° for 30 minutes.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Ceramic Mug

Dot Painting For Bingo
Washable dot markers aren’t just perfect for kids, they’re great for dabbing dots on bingo cards, too. For your next game night, make it extra fun by creating your own cards and using dot markers to mark the numbers. It’s a bingo!

78 Painting Ideas - Bingo Dauber

Paint A Skateboard Using Acrylics
Cruise around on the coolest and most colorful skateboard by personalizing it with an awesome design using acrylics. Just make sure the surface is clean before you start painting for a smooth creative ride.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint A Skateboard

Paint Your Paint Tubes!
If you’re thinking of a fresh way to create a color swatch artwork, then this painting idea is right up your alley -- use your watercolor tubes as inspiration by illustrating each one and swatching all the colors! This is definitely a great way to show your favorite painting tools some colorful love.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint Your Paint Tubes

Practice Color Blending By Painting Eyes
The eyes are the most expressive part of the face. So it’s only fitting to practice color blending, shadowing, and highlighting with a pair of eyes as your subject. This can help you work on portraying emotions or expressions through your strokes and color choices. Watercolor brush pens are ideal for this exercise as they have precise brush points and the perfect balance of water and paint.

78 Painting Ideas - Practice Paint Color Blending

Paint On Glassware With White Liquid Chalk Markers
Whether you’re having a family get-together, a themed party, or you just want to make mealtimes extra special at home, nothing beats personalized glassware to add charm to the occasion. For a tasteful and classic touch, use white chalk markers to paint your messages and designs on drinking glasses -- it’ll show up beautifully especially when you’re serving a dark-colored beverage.

78 Painting Ideas - Painted Glassware

Paint Wooden Figurines Using Acrylic Markers
Add life to those wooden figurines you have tucked in your attic using acrylic paint markers. Don’t be restricted by their shapes as you can easily transform them into any group of characters as long as you get their styles and colors right, just like the awesome Star Wars characters below.

78 Painting Ideas - Painted Wooden Figurines

Painted Cookie Wrappers
Sending out some homemade cookies or baked pastries? Instead of buying generic wrappers to pack them with, why not design your own using non-toxic washable dot markers. With the markers’ big and rounded tips, you can easily paint on bright, eye-catching designs that will make your cookies a sure hit!

78 Painting Ideas - Painted Cookie Wrapper

Paint On Your Laptop Cover
With so many laptop covers in the market, it’s refreshing to have one that’s uniquely your own, which is something you can do with acrylic paint. As it works on virtually any surface and shows up vibrantly no matter the background color, you can use it to paint your laptop however you want to. Just check out the awesome laptop artwork below!

78 Painting Ideas - Paint Your Laptop

Painting With Mixed Media
Watercolor is the most flexible paint in terms of opacity and texture. If you want to create an artwork that combines painting, illustrating, shading, and even lettering, watercolor is your best bet. For the fine details to be more visible, adjust the transparency of your paint by adding more water. Create a layered and beautifully shaded masterpiece by allowing all your mediums to shine together.

78 Painting Ideas - Painting With Mixed Media

Paint On A Book Page
Through time and wear and tear, some books loosen up their bindings and a few pages fall out. Instead of throwing them away or just tucking them back into the books’ folds, turn those pages into art by painting on them with watercolor brush pens. Why these pens? Any other marker or paint might cover up the words entirely or soak through the old paper, but not watercolor brush pens as you can control their opacity and their reservoir holds just the right amount of water to keep your paper from wrinkling or warping.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On A Book Page

Painted Letter Board Design With Chalk Markers
Chalk markers aren’t just perfect for chalkboards and windows, they’re also great for painting those letters that go on your felt letter board. Make your announcements and artworks look lively and striking by adding vibrant colors to the pre-cut letters and signs that you want to design your board with, like this one below!

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Letter Board

Painted Gift Wrapper
Here’s a fun way to share your art! The next time you’re giving out a present, design the gift wrapper yourself using acrylic paint pens, which are so versatile and convenient that you can use them on all kinds of paper, shiny or natural. This will also save you the time and money to buy wrappers for every occasion, and allows you to unleash your creativity as well!

78 Painting Ideas - Painted Gift Wrapper

Painted DIY Crown 
What’s a dress-up playtime or a house party for kids (or even adults) without DIY crowns, hats, or masks for everyone to wear? Create a colorful, bedazzled crown with just thick paper, washable dot markers, scissors, rope, and your royal inspiration. Queen Elizabeth’s Imperial State Crown, perhaps?

78 Painting Ideas - Painted DIY Crown

Paint On Your Shirt
Now this is a fabulous way to wear your art...Paint it on your shirt using acrylics! Go for subtle accents by painting just the pocket (if it has one), the sleeves, or create your own logo on the chest area for that classic tee design. But if you want to go big, fill your shirt with awesome and bright designs that tell the world who you are as an artist.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Your Shirt

Practice Fine Strokes With Watercolor
Most beginners struggle with painting finer details using watercolor because it can get runny when too much water is added, or you’d have to paint over your strokes again when the color’s too transparent. The best way to improve your painting strokes and how you mix water and paint is by practicing -- and a bee is just the perfect subject because it has the right components: ultra fine fuzz, legs, antenna, and everything else! Bees are also fascinating subjects because of their honey-making skills and buzz-y life cycles...and they’re just really delightful to paint!

78 Painting Ideas - Fine Stroke Painting

Paint A Wreath With Watercolor Brush Pens
A wreath adds beauty wherever you put it. So let’s make today extra beautiful with this fun painting idea -- paint a wreath like a professional by following this easy step-by-step guide! Watercolor brush pens are great for this art activity because they have fine brush points that can add vivid colors to the finest details without the paint running or warping your paper.

78 Painting Ideas - Wreath Painting

Paint Your Gadgets With Liquid Chalk Markers
You use your gadgets everyday so it’s only right to customize them. With your liquid chalk markers, add a personal touch to any gadget surface, whether it’s on your headphones, power bank, charger, bluetooth speaker, and so on, you can easily paint designs and artworks on them. Afraid you’ll mess it up? Don’t worry about it. As long as you’re creating on a smooth, non-porous surface, you can easily wipe off the ink and start again. To make your design permanent, just paint a clear, sealing agent on top of it. And voila! Your gadgets are refreshed and ready for action.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint Your Gadgets

Reuse And Paint A Tin Can
Give those tin cans a makeover and turn them into art pieces that you can store trinkets or jewelry in. Acrylic paint markers are perfect for this project as their richly pigmented ink stays on virtually any surface. Just make sure you handle your artwork with care to prevent the colors from fading or chipping.

78 Painting Ideas - Painted Tin Can

Holiday Painting On Dinnerware
For your next holiday celebration, grab those non-toxic washable dot markers and use them to paint themed art on dinnerware. This is an amazing painting idea as you can easily wash off the ink once the party’s over, and you can keep creating different artworks and designs depending on the occasion! Add extra sparkle and shine to your artworks by using the dot markers with shimmer.

78 Painting Ideas - Holiday Painting On Dinnerware

Paint On A Leather Pouch
With all the ‘artified’ leather goods in the market today, it’s safe to say that there are so many ways to paint on leather in the comfort of your home. And you don’t even need to purchase a new leather bag or wallet to do it. Just choose one that you already have and use acrylic paint to add a fresh look to it. Whether you want to paint beautiful flowers or swirls and doodles, you have every tool necessary to be a bag designer!

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Leather

Paint Birds Using Watercolor
Bird watching has long been a hobby for so many people. And if you’re one of them, this art idea is a refreshing way to document your favorite birds -- paint them. Aside from being migratory, birds display unique colors and features that are fascinating to capture, and recreating that on paper can help you unlock your watercolor painting skills, too.

78 Painting Ideas - Bird Painting With Watercolor

Paint Labels With Watercolor Brush Pens
The next time you plan to label your things, try making your stickers from scratch. You just need sticker paper with a rougher surface, a ruler, a pencil, a pair of scissors, and watercolor brush pens. For your sticker labels, you’d need to leave a blank space in the middle of each, so watercolor brush pens will add that wash of bold colors as accents, but won’t cover the entire surface of the labels where the words would go.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint Sticker Labels

Paint A DIY Dollhouse
Your kids, or even you, are going to love this painting and crafting idea: construct a dollhouse cut out from carton boxes, and paint details on it using liquid chalk markers. You can use the white chalk marker variant like in the photo below, or you can use colored ones if you’re going for a brighter look. Tip: paint your dollhouse while it’s flat and not constructed or erected yet so you don’t have to worry about it falling down as you paint.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint A DIY Dollhouse

Paint On Ceramic Teapot
Make tea time more exciting by adding colorful artworks on your teapot. You may even go as far as painting on the teacups included in your tea set for a themed look. With acrylic paint markers, you can keep refreshing your design each time as the ink can be erased with a good washing or wiping. Easy and fun, right? Talk about spilling the colorful shades...and the tea!

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On A Ceramic Teapot

Color Coding With Painting
Another fun way for kids to match objects with colors is through color coding. Whether it’s for a holiday art project or a daily activity, you can have the outlines of certain objects like colored figurines drawn on paper that the kids can color match using dot markers. It’s a fun way to help them improve their cognitive skills through colors and creativity.

78 Painting Ideas - Color Coding With Painting

Acrylic Painted Cork Coasters
Cork coasters can get worn out pretty fast, but not if you refresh them withacrylic paint. Make your tableware stand out by personalizing them with your art. Paint on seascapes like the gorgeous artwork below, or do flowers, herbs, landscapes, portraits, animals, food...there are so many things you can paint on your cork coasters. If you own a café or a restaurant, painted coasters will definitely add that wow factor to your table presentations, too!

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Cork Coasters

Wet On Dry Painting Technique
One of the most common painting techniques that all beginners or hobbyists should know how to do is wet on dry, which basically means you apply wet paint on dry paper or on a dry area of paint. Watercolor is best for this technique as you usually use it with water mixed in. You can practice this technique with a flower painting, and allow the different washes of colors to soak in. Once your paint dries, do the flower’s outline in a darker shade, which adds a nice gradient effect to your artwork.

78 Painting Ideas - Wet On Dry Painting Technique

Paint On Black Paper
Contrary to popular belief, the color of your paint won’t get drowned out or it won’t look muted when applied on dark paper. In fact, with watercolor brush pens, you’ll get a striking and contrasting effect, like the bold and bright artwork you see below. Make your colors pop out even more by adding fine details in white acrylic paint pen or any white marker, which will highlight and put the spotlight on your vibrant artwork.

78 Painting Ideas - Paint On Black Paper

There you have it, 78 awesome painting ideas that you can easily do at home. Don’t forget to check out our Blog section for more fresh art tips, tutorials, and inspiration. Happy painting and creating!

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