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From Our Creative Director's Art Desk

  • 2 min read

From our Creative Director's Art Desk

“Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” – Edward de Bono

As we grew older our chance to express ourselves became limited. We want to show you how you can take a break from your gadgets, daily routine, and hectic life to connect with that imaginative self again. This simple activity would provide a quick escape for everyone. 

In the video below, our Creative Director will show you how to bring out the artist in you and find your creative flow using your fingers. This kind of art is so versatile that a kid who is learning how to use paints and an adult who lost touch with the creative side can feel joy doing it.

You deserve a “BREAK”. Let’s feel inspired again!


PRO TIP: Let go of the label ‘CREATIVE’ or ‘ARTISTIC’. This is for everyone.


  1. Get ready with your Chalkola Acrylic Paint set and canvas panel. You’re about to create magic.
  2. Using a palette knife spread titanium white on your canvas.
  3. Once it dries, squeeze out sky blue, cerulean blue, emerald green, cobalt blue, coral red, lemon yellow, scarlet red, and more from your acrylic paint set in different corners of your canvas creating an “L” shape. 
  4. You can mix and match any color you like, there are no wrong choices.
  5. Now start spreading these colors one by one with your fingers and enjoy the process.

After you’re done, step away from your pieces and look at them side by side. Look at the joy you gave yourself with just a 10-minute break.

We hope you enjoyed this activity! We can’t wait to see what you created. Tag us @chalkola and use the hashtag #madewithchalkola for a feature!

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