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DIY Andromeda Galaxy Art using Acrylic Paints

  • 2 min read

DIY Andromeda Galaxy Art using Acrylic Paints

Grab your binoculars!

Galaxies are spectacular and complex, so much that one can’t help but marvel at the wonders that lie outside our planet. Recreating such a mesmerizing mixture of colors can seem like a difficult task – but in fact it’s hardly rocket science.

Andromeda is one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century Greco-Roman astronomer Ptolemy and remains one of the 88 modern constellations. It is most prominent during autumn evenings in the Northern Hemisphere, along with several other constellations named for characters in the Perseus myth.

If you too are a space lover, here is a tutorial of an easy andromeda galaxy painting idea to try out next in your sketchbook or empty canvas.



  1. Paint the background (we have used black). Feel free to use black, purple, or any color you like!

  2. Create patches and swirls using a bit of fluorescent violet with a sponge brush.

  3. Mix blue, white, violet and whatever you like to create the second layer of patches using the sponge brush and round sponge dabber.

  4. Create white circle patterns at the center and radiating white swirls coming from each end of the oval. Fill up the mid part of the oval with yellow and white.

  5. Create a white dot at the center of your yellow oval.

  6. Blend the corners of the oval with a round sponge dabber.

  7. Add any fine details using a small brush.

  8. Create a splatter of stars by getting some Titanium White on a brush and flicking the bristles using your fingers.

Voila! Admire your vibrant, unique and stellar painting!

TIP - Don’t be afraid to try out different strokes.This quick-drying paint can be used for a variety of techniques and is ideal for mastering your painting skills or exploring new art styles. It can also be used on glass, ceramics,fabric, and other surfaces aside from standard canvas or paper.

Thank you for dropping by this blog post. We hope you were able to find some inspiration for the next painting you want to work on.

Did you follow this guide to make your own galaxy painting? Show us your result on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #madewithchalkola. Have a wonderful day fellow artists, until next time!


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