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How to Personalize Your Pencil Case Using Acrylic Paint Pens

HOW TO: Personalize Your Pencil Case Using Acrylic Paint Pens

Before you hit the books, why not get crafty with your pencil case by personalizing it using acrylic paint markers? One of the most versatile art supplies today, paint pens allow you to create, design, or illustrate on virtually any surface you can think of. With their smooth application, vivid colors, and reversible tips that come in a variety of sizes, you can do all kinds of artworks anywhere and anytime.

If you're in the mood to get artsy, designing a plain pencil case is a good way to start! With Chalkola Acrylic Paint Markers, you’ll have a wide selection of bold and bright colors to choose from, so you're bound to have tons of fun on your artventure.

Make working or studying more colorful and exciting with a spruced up pencil case. Here are the basic materials you'll need:

Ready to ‘make your case’? Let’s watch the easy step-by-step video below and turn that plain ol’ pencil holder into one that's extra cool and creative!


  • Sketch your design using pencil and paper. Make sure the size of the paper and the design fits the surface of your pencil case.
  • Tape your design under the surface of your pencil case so you can trace it with paint pens.
  • For our design, we started with a darker color on the outer parts of the bear. It's best to start with the outline so it's easier to color the inner parts of your design. Just fill in the remaining areas with a lighter color that complements your darker color.
  • To add highlights and layers to your design, use a white acrylic paint marker to complete the look.

And there you have it–a brand-new looking pencil case with your own stamp of creativity on it. We’d love to see what you come up with, so tag us on Instagram @chalkola using the hashtag #ChalkolaArt for a chance to be featured. We hope you enjoyed this artivity as much as we did.

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