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DIY Halloween Decor: Creepy Eyeballs in a Bowl Using Chalk Markers

  • 2 min read

DIY Eyeballs in a Bowl Using Chalk Markers | Chalkola Art Supply

All eyes on you… 
Celebrating this ghoulish season can be extra tricky and less treat-y this year, but that shouldn’t stop it from being thrilling and spine-tingling. In fact, this is the best time to have more fun and go all out on your spooky decor.
You don't have to worry about venturing outside to buy the scariest Halloween props you can find too, because we can make one just as good, or actually even better and completely unique.

As the morbid saying goes–it's DIY or die (cue evil laughter here).

If you’ve got a bunch of ping-pong balls lying around, then ‘eye’ dare you to turn them into creepy eyeballs! 

Materials needed:

  • Chalkola Chalk Markers
  • Ping-pong balls
  • Clear bowl (big enough to fill with balls)
  • Roll of tape (or any platform to hold your ball while you design it)

Get ready to create your own bloody bowl of peepers with this spook-tacular art-ivity by watching the video below:


  1. Prepare samples of the different types of horrific eyes you'd want to transform your ping-pong balls into. They can be sinister-looking reptile eyes, ravenous monster eyeballs, deadly zombie peepers, or frightening witch orbs!
  2. Use your roll of tape as a platform to hold your ball while you design it.
  3. With your boldest chalk marker colors, start drawing on your ping-pong balls. Don’t forget the finer details like veins and pupil lining to make those eyes pop.
  4. Use a white chalk pen on top of the bright eye colors to add dimension to your designs.
  5. For a more terrifying effect, draw dripping blood on your clear bowl using your red chalk marker.
  6. Once your chalk ink has dried, you can start putting all your eyeballs in your eye bowl. 

This easy-to-make Halloween decor will definitely turn any simple space into an eye-catching one. Place it at the center of your dining table or your sitting area to really make people… stare!

Unsure how to get your chalk markers started? No worries! They're very easy and fun to use. To make sure the ink flows smoothly and correctly from your chalk pens, check out this helpful guide we've created for you.

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