Chalk Markers - Pack of 30 - Neon, Classic Colors | 6mm Reversible Nib

  • $26.95

  • - Suitable for All Non-Porous Surfaces
  • - Vibrant Colors Great for Eye-Catching Messages
  • - Kid Safe: Xylene & Odor Free
  • - Easy to Use, Smooth & Even Print
  • - Easy to Clean: Wet Wipe Erasable
  • 30 COLORS - One pack containing all our Neon and Pastel Chalk Markers - Use these Liquid chalk pens to decorate any Non-Porous surface including mirrors, shop storefront, metal, blackboard, whiteboard and more - as you want them in your own canvas.
  • FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION - Chalkola’s chalk paint markers work on virtually any non porous surface you can think of: Great for Restaurant Menu Boards, Bistro Boards, White board, LED Writing Board, Wedding parties, Window markers, Car Windows, Kids art, School work, Marking dates on food Containers and much more.
  • A BLAST FOR FAMILIES, STUDENTS, AND CUSTOMERS. Whether you’re a mom looking for holiday decorating with children, clean alternative to standard chalk or paint, a teacher on a quest for the most sought-after education classroom supplies, or a business, office owner trying to advertise new products, our markers make creating beautiful, fun messages and designs effortless
  • COMES OFF AS EASY AS IT WENT ON. Our rich, high quality water based ink is washable and delivers dust free - saturated, clean, flowing fine lines that go on smooth and quick dry within minutes. But when you’re ready to write & start fresh, a mere wipe of a wet paper towel will remove your finished ink completely without any smearing, streaking, smudging or messes!
  • KID SAFE AND ODOR FREE, our dustless, non toxic formula is both eco-friendly and safe for use at home. The reversible 3mm tip gives you the option of fine tip markers for detail work or broad chisel tip markers for when big bold lines are needed. The bright neon colors make for great visible explanations and student attention.

Customer Reviews

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Great markers

So far so good! The colors are beautiful and vibrant and they write very smoothly! I hope they last long and don’t dry out fast like the other brands I’ve tried!


Simply a great product!

Can't wait to use

Didn't try them out yet, but it's a nice sized package with assorted vibrant colors. Can't wait to try them! So many versatile uses.

Great Chalk Markers!

I've used several brands of chalk markers and was very pleased with these. They are easy to use and clean up nicely. I loved the assortment of colors and the price was hard to beat!

Great selection for the price

So far I have used about half of the colors in the pack and have been satisfied with the selection. They operate in the same shake and press manner as other more pricey chalk pens I have used, and I actually found the colors I have used thus far erased more easily and with less residue than those I purchased at Michael's. I purchased these for use on a small black chalkboard, and even the darker colors pop nicely, though some of the lighter shades require two applications for the pigment to stand out (such as the pale pink).



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