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How to Create Baby Footprint Holiday Cards Using Acrylics

  • 2 min read

Create Baby Footprint Holiday Cards Using Acrylics | Chalkola Art Supply

This year, take your Christmas greeting cards to the next level by adding a personal touch (literally!) This easy, fun, and unique DIY idea is a wonderful way to create customized holiday artworks and introduce your little one as a budding artist, too–one tiny step at a time. Hah! What’s more, this all too adorable art activity can become a yearly tradition for as long as those cute little baby soles can fit on your kraft paper cards!

Materials needed:

Ready to make your vibrant and tot-ful cards for the holidays? Let’s get started by watching the easy-to-follow tutorial video below:


  • Prepare your materials. Squeeze out some white acrylic paint on your paper plate.
  • Gently place your baby’s foot on the white acrylic paint, and make sure to cover the whole sole. Then, press your baby’s painted sole onto the kraft paper.
  • Repeat this same process using brown acrylic paint.
  • Once you’re done with the footprints, you may start adding Christmas accents and designs using bright and festive colors. For our cards, we decided on reindeer and snowman themes!
  • If you plan to use your artworks as gift cards, just cut around the shape of each footprint and then punch a hole at the top center part for the ribbon. Another option is to fold your kraft paper in half, artwork side up, for an instant greeting card!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Share your artworks with us on Instagram, tag @chalkola, and use the hashtag #ChalkolaArt for a chance to get your post featured! Enjoy the holidays, and happy creating from us at Chalkola!

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