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Hand-Paint A Turkey-Themed Thanksgiving Card Using Acrylics

Create A Thanksgiving Card Using Acrylics | Chalkola Art Supply

Before you gobble until you wobble this Thanksgiving, let’s enjoy some art time by creating a colorful turkey-themed card using acrylic paints.
To make your activity all the more fun, you can gather up everyone you’re spending Thanksgiving with and paint your cards together–as they say, the more, the merrier! Kids will particularly enjoy making these cards as you would have to use your hand print as the turkey’s outline. It’s hand-painting with a twist!
So before you get too preoccu-pied (get it?) with Thanksgiving decorations and preparations, let’s take some time off for some relaxing art fun!

Materials needed:

Ready to create your colorful turkey? Let’s watch the video below for the easy-to-follow steps!

  • Prepare your materials. Put brown, green, yellow, orange, and red paints onto your palette.
  • Dip your paint brush in brown paint and paint your thumb down to your palm. Make sure you cover the whole surface with enough paint.
  • Then, paint your index finger green, your middle finger yellow, your ring finger orange, and your pinky finger red.
  • Once you’re done, stamp your painted palm onto your paper. Make sure you lay out your palm firmly and flatly so you transfer as much paint as you can. For a double coat, repaint your palm with the same colors, and stamp it exactly the same way and position you did the first time. (After this, you can wash off the paint on your palm.)
  • Next, using your paint brush, pick up some orange paint to draw your turkey’s beak. Then pick up red paint for the snoods, which are the red fleshy bits hanging under the beak; and lastly, go for brown paint to draw the shank.
  • If you have an extra eye button lying around, you can use it for your turkey’s eye, but if you don’t, you can paint one on using white and black paints.
  • Using your color and art pen or paint of choice (we used Chalkola Watercolor Brush Pens), finish off your colorful card with a pun or message!

That was fun, wasn’t it? We’re thankful you decided to create this awesome DIY card with us, and we hope you keep unleashing your creativity with your favorite Chalkola art tools!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, from all of us here at Chalkola!

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