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So many colors, and good size tubes.

I just started painting and its nice to have a wide variety of colors so that I have more colors that I want, and its easier to mix, to get any color I'm missing. The paint spread and mixed nice, and didn't dry out to quickly.

Christine Marie verified buyer

Acrylic Paint Set, 22ml Tubes - Set of 64

Rich, Vivid Pigments

Your premium acrylic paint kit features smooth, highly pigmented color to produce true, consistent shades that won’t fade over time.

Free Shipping & Returns
Mom Tested & Approved
Kid Safe + Non-toxic
Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

Large Selection of Artist Quality Colors

Whether you’re new to acrylic painting or a seasoned artist - Great for creative adults, teens and children.


Versatile for most art techniques and suitable on most painting surfaces including Canvas, Paper, Glass, Clay, Wood, Rocks, Fabric, Leather & Ceramics

Packed in a Sturdy Box

Great for gifting and keeping your acrylic paints organized and accessible. Individually labeled Aluminum tubes allow you to easily squeeze out all the paint.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with our acrylic paint supplies, simply contact us for a refund or replacement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Vibrant colors! 64 of them!

This is a review for the 64 colors, 22ml tubes Acrylic Paint SetWow! First of all these paints come in a really nice, sturdy box with trays that hold all 64 tubes.I love the variety of the colors and how vibrant and opaque the colors are.I use dark base coats on a lot of the rocks I paint such as blue or black and these colors pop right out!!The paint is a nice consistency, not runny, not too thick, but thick enough it adds nice texture to the rocks when dotting or adding some dimension.I've only made it through about 23 of the colors so far and look forward to the rest as well as some experimenting with mixing colors for a custom color or 2.Fantastic value, you won't be disappointed!!

still like them.

I like how you get a pretty good amount of colors but I feel like these were a bit too thin even for the ones that were supposed to be opaque. I think maybe mixing them with a thicker acrylic paint will work? These are still pretty good and I plan on using them either way. Just keep in mind, you'll most likely need more layers to achieve the opacity you want and will have to work with these a bit more.

Really good quality, this is an EPIC set, amazing value, 64x 22ml tubes!

These acrylic paints are just absolutely beautiful. The colors come in a large variety from pearlescents to neons. I love using more muted and neutral colors, so this set was perfect for the color schemes I tend to reach for. Each paint has very large coverage and is very smooth on Canson mixed media paper. Please note that the tubes in this set are 22ml each! Each tube has a lot of paint, double of what you can most commonly find (12ml), and in most other acrylic sets on Amazon. They are also very quick to dry. One problem I came across was that some of the paints had different out-of-the-tube consistencies. Some came out in one huge glob, and others came out really thin. Apart from that, I love the idea of including 2 tubes of white and 2 tubes of black. I find myself using white the most, and so it runs out much quicker than the other colors. In total, you get 62 colors (64 tubes). Overall, great acquisition, very high quality paints. For the price, amazing value.Thank you for reading this review, I hoped that this review & the pictures are helpful to you in support of your purchase decision.

So many colors, and good size tubes.

I just started painting and its nice to have a wide variety of colors so that I have more colors that I want, and its easier to mix, to get any color I'm missing. The paint spread and mixed nice, and didn't dry out to quickly.

Nice beginner set. Paints aren't blister sealed. Some are way off from tube color.

Overall, this was a nice beginner set. I haven't worked with paint much, so I am truly a beginner. I am more of a sketch or doodle kind of artist, if you could even call me an artist but I've wanted to dabble in acrylic for a while. It seems like a hobby that could be peaceful and fun to do.I tried out the set of paints and I enjoyed working with them. They blend together nice. If there's a color that isn't in the set, it's easy to mix the paint and get a new tone to more closely match what you're after. There are a variety of tones in this that could be used for skin tones and since they mix so easily, it's not tough to create my own if there's something outside the range.The tubes are rather large compared to most beginner sets. At the time of my review, the set was $38.95. These tubes have nearly double what a lot of beginner sets offer, but one complaint I have is that the tubes are not blister sealed. The tubes are open and ready to squeeze right out of the package which could be bad if they set a while or are left in less than desirable climates.The paint dries quickly, so I had to work fast or add new paint to my palette to make sure it didn't dry on me. The box does warn that it's quick dry. It's also acid free, non toxic, and child safe which is great for gift giving. I did notice there weren't any clean up instructions but since these are water based, they wash off and brushes clean up with warm water and soap.Mine were organized without any real rhyme or reason to the color scheme so I reorganized them into a loose ROYGBIV pattern. I read reviews before getting these that mentioned repeats, but I didn't have any repeats. I did feel that a few tones were ultra similar to one another, though. Some reds, blues, greens, browns, and grays look like near repeats but I don't mind it since there's so much variety. I also noticed a few of the tubes are way off from what the tube color shows versus what comes out. This is especially true of the fluorescent colors. On a plus note, the tubes are marked on both sides so you always see what color you're working with.I had a lot of fun with this set and I'd purchase it again. It was nice to work with as a beginner and get a ton of colors without a huge investment to see if acrylic painting was for me. I'll definitely continue the hobby and get quite a few more paintings out of these tubes.

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