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Can I Use Liquid Chalk Markers on my Chalkboard?

Posted on 22-Feb-2017

You would think that the answer would be an unqualified yes, but the name “liquid chalk markers” refers to the effect of these markers, not their composition. Liquid chalk markers are designed to be used mainly on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metals, plastics, ceramics, and other materials that don’t permit the passage or air or water. Old Style Chalkboards:...

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Simplify your shopping with Chalkola!

Posted on 16-Feb-2017

It’s so annoying when you can't find your shopping list and coupons. Many of us just give up and go to the store anyway, hoping we remember at least most of what we need. We nearly always end up spending more than we intended and not getting at least one very important item. Chalkola has a solution! Let family members...

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Greet your loved ones!

Posted on 13-Feb-2017

When you’re picking up your loved one, why not greet them with a love note? Also check out : Chalkola Window Markers

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Chalkola Window Markers

Posted on 10-Feb-2017

When you want to make an announcement to the world, colorful Chalkola markers insures that everyone will see it! Also check out : Boost Your Business with Chalkola Chalk Markers!

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Boost Your Business with Chalkola Chalk Markers!

Posted on 07-Feb-2017

Did you know that Chalkola chalk markers can be a valuable publicity tool for your business? Promoting your business is the only way to grow and maintain a healthy sales volume but you don’t need to spend a lot of money. All you need is some Chalkola chalk markers and a few minutes a day to be creative and have...

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How to Increase Your Business in February

Posted on 03-Feb-2017

No matter what kind of business you have, effective advertising is important if you want to increase business and Chalkola chalk markers can help you achieve that goal. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching so we at Chalkola thought we’d throw out some ideas on fun and effective advertising using our attention getting chalk markers. Almost everyone agrees that signage is...

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Kickstart Your Romance With Chalkola Markers!

Posted on 29-Jan-2017

Chalkola Chalk Markers are a lot of fun and very useful but did you know that they can help bring more romance into your home? As unlikely as that sounds, you’ll find that it works beautifully—figuratively and literally! Here are a few fun ways to make your loved one love you more: Mirror Your Love If you get up before...

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Let Chalkola Rock Your Valentine’s Day!

Posted on 25-Jan-2017

Valentine ’s Day has gotten very predictable during the past century—buy flowers and candy, go on a date and make an evening of it. Many people propose marriage or take their vows on this day. School classrooms have parties, moms make special meals for their families and the next day everything is back to normal. Everyone knows what to expect...

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