Beautiful Signage Lettering Using Chalk Markers

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A master at planning, Jessica made an excellent candidate to try Chalkola chalk markers.  She likes making videos of calligraphy and lettering as well as giving advice on how to plan for the best at an event or in life.  Organization is important to Jessica and Chalkola chalk markers provided her with more tools and options to accomplish her goals.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Chalkboard sign
Being a calligrapher, it’s natural that Jessica would use the Chalkola markers to letter a chalkboard sign. Chalkola markers Of course she reads the package first.  Chalkola markers are child safe, non toxic, practically odorless, and wash away easily from clothing or hands. chalkboard sign Jessica lays out her markers to see what choices she has.  So many colors!  She has a chalkboard sign she’s going to letter.  Chalkola offers chalkboard signs as well as chalk markers. lettering the word She starts with the purple, lettering the word “home”. details to add It looks as if she’s finished but she still has some details to add. lettering style Chalkola chalk markers do not have the brush tips they would need to do actual calligraphy but Jessica can imitate the lettering style by adding downstrokes.  She loves the vibrant colors of the markers. clean up or fix Another characteristic that Jessica likes about Chalkola chalk markers is how easy it is to clean up or fix a mistake.  With just a few swipes of a damp cloth the surface is cleaned.  Correcting a mistake is very easy with a damp cotton swab. adding a border She finishes the sign by adding a border drawn in metallic silver.  She is very pleased with how her project turned out!   Also read – FABULOUS FLOWERS, CHALKOLA STYLE!

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