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Chalkola Chalk Markers Bring a Laptop to Life

  • 2 min read

Chalkola Chalk Markers Brings a Laptop to Life | Chalkola Art Supply

Our friend Cony has demonstrated some great ways to decorate daily essentials with Chalkola Chalk Markers. But did you know that you can also jazz up your laptop with them? Here's a fun design idea that you can do on your laptop without damaging its surface or marking it permanently!

Materials used:

As Chalkola Chalk Markers work best on non-porous surfaces, the glassy surface of Cony’s laptop cover is an ideal canvas for her ideas. cover of her laptop She makes sure that the cover of her laptop is clean and dry before she starts doodling. apple on the coverShe adds details and fun designs starting with the laptop form design This is a free-form design; one that entertains rather than distracts. Cony’s idea is to include a lot of color and some cute doodles. metal surface The Chalkola Chalk Markers show up beautifully on the surface of the laptop cover.  Thanks to these versatile markers, you don't have to keep buying different covers to change up the designs on your laptop every now and then. Doodling on an affordable clear case cover does the trick. Plus, it ensures a unique design proudly made by you!different characters Cony enjoys drawing a few different characters, as well as a favorite snack item. Cony’s laptopRandom fact: Did you know that 365 million kilos of Nutella are consumed globally each year? That’s 402,344 tons! Also, it looks great on Cony’s laptop. finished laptop The finished laptop is attractive, fresh, and unique. When Cony wants another theme for her laptop’s cover, she can easily wipe away the Chalkola Chalk Markers with a damp cloth and create something else. See? With these markers, you'll only need one clear case for the countless designs you want to do! Also read: Beautify Binders with Chalkola Chalk Markers!

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