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Fabulous Flowers, Chalkola Style!

  • 3 min read

Fabulous Flowers, Chalkola Style! | Chalkola Art Supply

Kaatydid is an artist who specializes in semi-anime style.  She unboxes and reviews various artists’ tools for her YouTube audience.  When she is not drawing or painting she enjoys video games.  She recently tried Chalkola chalk markers and gave her honest opinion of them on her YouTube channel, Kaatydid Art.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Piece of glass
  • Damp cloth
  • Window cleaner
Kaaty decided to demonstrate how well Chalkola chalk markers work on glass by creating a colorful garden. packaging First she reads the back of the packaging to find out what to expect.  The markers are child safe, non toxic, wash easily off hands and clothing, and are acid free.  They are also listed as low odor but Kaaty can’t detect any odor at all. ink down into the nib She prepares a marker according to the directions.  She shakes it vigorously then depresses the tip repeatedly to draw the ink down into the nib.  The regular markers take about a minute to prepare and the jumbo markers take twice that long.  She uses a piece of paper to show how the ink makes its way down into the nib. colors onto a piece of glass Kaaty loves the brilliant colors of Chalkola markers!  She swatches all the colors onto a piece of glass to see what they look like. damp cloth Erasing the markers is practically effortless with a damp cloth. window cleaner She also tries window cleaner, which works just as well as plain water. few wipes After a few wipes with the cloth nothing remains on the glass surface. jumbo light blue marker She begins her creation with a jumbo light blue marker, drawing and filling in a vase. layering colors Kaaty lets the ink dry before she starts filling in the details.  She likes the effect of layering colors to achieve depth and dimension.  With water-based products like Chalkola it’s best to let each layer dry before adding another. stems of the flowers The stems of the flowers are going to show through the water of the vase, just like a real bouquet. outline of a flower Kaaty draws the outline of a flower and lets it dry while she starts on another one.  Chalkola markers dry fairly quickly so it’s easy to add layers without having to wait a long time. overlays After drawing a red flower and letting it dry, she overlays it with pink.  This gives it depth and texture.  The Chalkola markers dry fairly quickly so it’s easy to add layers without taking a lot of time. touch of purple She adds a touch of purple that won’t be prominent but will help define the flower.  Kaaty loves the vivid colors and the way she can blend and layer them. orange flower She colors in an orange flower next to the red and pink one.  Color contrast is important to her to draw attention to the details of her picture. Working with Chalkola Kaaty likes the fact that Chalkola chalk markers are low odor.  In fact, she can’t detect any odor at all.  Working with Chalkola is quite different from working with other markers that often have an overpowering chemical scent. metallic markers According to Kaaty, Chalkola chalk markers rate a 9 out of 10 points.  The only thing she didn’t like about them was that the metallic markers aren’t shiny enough for her taste but they do provide a very effective way to apply contrast. bouquet on glass Kaaty had a great time creating her bouquet on glass.  She loved having so many color choices and the way that the markers moved across the glass.  She especially likes the odor free nature of the markers as well as how easy it was to clean up.  Kaaty says she will definitely make Chalkola chalk markers a part of her repertoire!     Also read – Make An Apple Pencil Sharpener With Chalkola Chalk Markers

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