Make Your Own Dry Erase Board For Your Chalk Markers

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Leslie Oman likes to find beauty in the unexpected so she naturally loves crafting.  This UK based artist, wife, and mother has even worked as a craft demonstrator and you may have seen her face on Trimcraft advertisements.  She teaches crafters of all ages, offers free downloadable craft classes, and shares her passion for crafting on YouTube (Hungry Heffy Crafts), social media, and her own blog.  Naturally, she was excited to try Chalkola chalk markers!

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Picture frame
  • Any type of background
  • Cute illustration figures
  • Door hanger
Leslie had a lot of ideas but decided to make a dry erase board. Chalkola chalk markers Chalkola chalk markers are safe for children, non toxic, practically odor free, and wash easily out of clothing and off hands. any type of background You can choose any type of background but Leslie like this particular pattern.  It’s cheerful and colors will show up well on it. stamped She has stamped, colored, and cut out some images to decorate the background. The cute figures and tiny pink hearts are going to make the board very cheerful. arrange illustrations She arranges all the illustrations to her liking. picture frame Leslie bought a picture frame for this project and puts the background into the frame. backing She makes sure the backing is on securely. black Chalkola chalk The black Chalkola chalk marker is the logical choice to start with. across the glass Leslie likes how smoothly the marker writes and how easy it is to move across the glass. reminder board The frame makes a great reminder board.  It’s something she can use every day and change whenever she has completed the list. wipe it off When she finishes a task she can just wipe it off with a damp cloth. leaving no residue Chalkola chalk markers wipe off easily, leaving no residue at all on non porous surfaces. holiday greeting It can also be used as a seasonal or holiday greeting. door hangers Leslie recently had a birthday party for her daughter and bought some door hangers the children could decorate.  It was a fun group project and a big hit as a party activity. wooden surface Chalkola chalk markers work well on the wooden surface of the door hanger.  While the markers are designed for use on smooth surfaces, they’re durable and constructed well enough that the wooden surface doesn’t damage the nibs. writing on plastic These markers are great for writing on plastic, too.  Any non porous surface is ideal for Chalkola chalk markers. metallic markers The metallic markers are very impressive!  Leslie likes the way they shine. to do board She really likes her “to do” board where she can write things down and erase them when they are done.  So far, her daughter has come into the craft room twice and erased Leslie’s list, replacing it with love notes.  She cannot complain at all about that! spark creativity Chalkola chalk markers are not only fun to use but they spark creativity in people of all ages!   Also read – The Art Guide Reviews Chalkola Chalk Markers

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