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Chalkola Travels to Germany

  • 2 min read

Chalkola Travels to Germany | Chalkola Art Supply

Doreen is an artist who lives in Germany and likes paper crafting among other things.  She is very creative and is always trying new materials and techniques.  She tried Chalkola chalk markers for the first time and really enjoyed them.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Picture frame
  • Saucer plate
  • Piece of paper
Doreen used the Chalkola markers on a variety of non porous surfaces.  She loves the brilliant colors! Chalkola’s package Most people who read Chalkola’s package information are astounded at how different these markers are from similar products.  They are child safe, non toxic, practically odorless, and wash off easily from non porous surfaces as well as clothing and hands.  Being a mother herself, Doreen is very pleased that these beautiful markers are safe to have in her home and studio. picture frame She starts with a picture frame since the glass is smooth and non porous.  This black frame with a dark background will complement the markers’ vivid colors. red jumbo marker Doreen chooses a red jumbo marker from the Platinum series. piece of paper Following the quick start instructions she shakes the marker to mix the ink and depresses the nib several times on a piece of paper she’s chosen for this purpose. ink descending You can see the ink descending into the nib after she depresses it against the paper a few times after shaking it. draw on the glass frame Beginning to draw on the glass frame, Doreen is pleased with the way the Chalkola marker moves effortlessly across the surface. flower She has made a flower that really stands out against the dark background.  She ponders the possibilities, looking over all the brilliant colors she can use. Platinum pink marker She decides to color the petals of the flower pink using the Platinum pink marker. gold metallic pen The gold metallic pen will is perfect for writing a greeting. petals and a heart A few embellishments of the petals and a heart finish the Happy Birthday greeting.  Doreen can change it just wiping it with a damp cloth.  Then she can write another message to represent whichever occasion she’s celebrating. markers on a saucer She tries the markers on a saucer next, choosing a black regular sized marker. dinnerware Chalkola chalk markers move just as smoothly on dinnerware as they do glass.  Doreen is enjoying doodling on the saucer. peach colored marker The peach colored marker is used to make a flower and a greeting.  Or is that a cloud? attractive tablecloth You can tell by the attractive tablecloth that Doreen loves color!  Chalkola did not disappoint her with all the vibrant, vivid colors they gave her to choose from.  She will definitely be using Chalkola chalk markers on a regular basis!   Also read – Beautiful Signage With Chalkola Chalk Markers

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