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How to Paint Patrick Star Using Acrylics

HOW TO: Paint Patrick Star Using Acrylics

SpongeBob SquarePants has been a crowd favorite among kids and adults for more than two decades now–and the popularity isn’t waning anytime soon. Recently, it’s been announced that SpongeBob’s best pal Patrick might be getting his own spinoff show aptly named ‘The Patrick Star Show’ (of course)! So to celebrate this momentous occasion for all the fans living inside the Bikini Bottom bubble, we present to you an easy-to-follow guide on how to paint Patrick with acrylics on canvas!

Materials used:

Ready to make Patrick the ‘Star’ in your next masterpiece? Let’s watch the one-minute video below!


  1. Prepare your materials. Place your acrylic paints directly on the canvas in a diagonal pattern from one side to another.
  2. Once you’ve dotted your colors, blend them with your paint brush until they form a mélange of pastel colors as the background.
  3. Bring out your adhesive tape and tape a column, also in a diagonal direction, over the center part of the background colors. Leave about an inch of background on both sides.
  4. Apply more acrylic paint on both sides and blend in a horizontal pattern, covering the remaining spaces. It’s okay to paint over the tape because you’ll be removing it after anyway.
  5. Once you’re done painting, gently pull off the tape, revealing the background you painted underneath.
  6. With a light-colored marker, start drawing Patrick Star’s outline. Then color within using a blend of pink and a bit of white acrylics.
  7. Trace Patrick’s outline with a silver chalk marker to make the colors pop. Finish Patrick’s image by adding details.

There you have it! An amazing painting of Patrick in all his ‘Star’ quality!

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