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How to Paint on a Bag Using Acrylics

Acrylic Landscape Painting On A Laptop Bag

Whether for work, school, or play, a bag is an important part of our daily lives to keep most of our essentials in. It’s also a great article to express your style and creativity, either by color, design, or shape. If you want to take it up a notch and put your personal touch on your favorite bag, we have the perfect idea to do just that–customize it through painting! 

A perfect canvas would be a laptop bag or a plain school bag. In our one-minute tutorial video, we’ll show you how to add art to your bag and make it your own. This is also an amazing activity that you can enjoy with the kids or with your friends. It’s fun, easy, and quick, and something you can do with your other belongings like pouches, totes, laptop sleeves, and more. You have so many options to work on. You don’t need to pay professionals to personalize your bags and other things for you–Chalkola acrylics and your creativity can do better than that!

Materials needed:

Ready to customize your bag through art? Let’s watch this one-minute video and paint with acrylics together.


  1. Prepare all your materials and make sure you have an outline or idea of what your design will be. Pick out all the acrylic colors you want to incorporate in your design.
  2. Using your marker, draw the design outline on your bag.
  3. Start filling out your design with acrylic paint. Avoid using too much water, use just enough to soften your brush tip, so the paint goes on smooth and solid on the bag.
  4. You can mix your colors on your palette to achieve pastels or tones that are uniquely your own.
  5. Once you’re done filling in your drawing with colors, you can outline your artwork with white or any color of your choice to make it stand out more.
  6. Add details and highlights to your artwork for depth and layers. It’s great to use metallics, too, for a bit of sheen on your design.

There you have it. A bag design like no one else’s! Aside from customizing your stuff, you can also paint on plain tote bags and give them out as a gift or party favor. Nothing says special and unique like a personalized item!

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