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Fun Learning Activity: Create with Basic Shapes!

  • 1 min read

Chalkboard Drawing Using Basic Shapes

A brilliant way to integrate basic shape recognition into your back-to-school teaching plan is through creativity! Here, we’ll show you a fun learning activity for toddlers that can help them recognize shapes, and at the same time allow them to use their imagination by drawing objects based on each shape.

Materials needed:

Ready to add colors and creativity to your learning plan? Let’s watch the one-minute video below and start creating and learning together!


  1. Draw the outlines of your shapes with a white chalk marker.
  2. For an interactive approach, ask your toddler what object they associate with each shape, and then start drawing from there.
  3. If you want to set an example first, you may proceed to drawing your own objects based on the shapes.
  4. Add word recognition into the mix by labeling each object you create from the shapes.

A great way to include this to your everyday activity is to draw different sets of objects based on the shapes. You can take turns drawing, or allow your toddler to work on the shapes on their own.
After using one set of shapes, you can move on to more complex ones, and then include other fundamentals as well, like numbers and letters! By being creative, lessons like this don’t have to be boring. Most importantly, you get to work on developing the kids' academic and creative skills, too.

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