How to Paint a Gradient DIY Bookmark with Watercolor Brushpens

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Aren't these bookmarks pretty? Create your own designs and give some to your friends and family for a personalized gift. They'll surely love these. It's easy and fun to make. We'll teach you! 


1. Divide cardboard paper into 4 using masking tape


2. Mix 2-3 colors of your choice for the background and paint one rectangle


3. Add a second layer of color in the same rectangle to create a gradient feel


4. Do the same with the other rectangles and use any color you want


5. Add black color for a darker sky


6. And then dip a toothbrush into white paint. Slowly sprinkle it on top for a starry effect


7. Draw some houses and trees below using black paint for a shadow and night effect


8. Cut the rectangles


9. Punch a small hole on top with a puncher


10. Tie a string of choice


And that's it! I'm sure you'll have fun creating these. Hope you enjoyed our tutorial.


You may also watch a more detailed tutorial of this DIY phone case by clicking on this link.


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