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Daughter was in heaven

Colors were great. Nice sizes of each paint. Can not go wrong with quality for this price.

Jane verified buyer

36 Watercolor Paint Set + 28 Waterbrush Pens

Premium watercolor painting bundle

• Versatile Watercolor Paint Set - 36 watercolor paint tubes + 28 watercolor brush pens
• 36 Watercolor Paint - smooth, blendable, vibrant colors
• 28 Watercolor Brush Pens - includes 2 blending brushes & a painting pad
• Artist-Grade & Beginner-Friendly - suitable for artists of all ages & levels

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Kid Safe + Non-toxic
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Daughter was in heaven

Colors were great. Nice sizes of each paint. Can not go wrong with quality for this price.

Jane verified buyer

Artist-Quality Watercolor Paint

Packed with artist-quality pigment in every easy-squeeze tube, this set of watercolor paint is the perfect gift for any art enthusiast, including yourself! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, our non-toxic watercolor paint set has every stunning color you’ll ever need to create your vibrant masterpiece. Blend, layer, and adjust the opacity–this paint set makes creating easy, smooth, and exciting each time.

Versatile, Convenient, and Easy to Use

Indulge your love for art with this beginner-friendly set of vivid watercolor brush pens. Packed in a sturdy case, these 28 watercolor markers come in stunning shades that are easy to blend and layer, and dry faster than your regular paint, which means you can keep painting without waiting! The set also includes a premium 15-page watercolor paint pad and 2 blending brushes, so you can nurture your creativity anytime and anywhere.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great for a customizable pan set

This is an amazing product the colors are vivid and easy to use! For my purpose, I used it in half pans (that I bought sepratley) there was still some left in the tube, which may be enough for a refill. I will use them on the go, and in my watercolor pallet. I will definitely buy more!

Karthi V
Good colors

The colos are crispy and both my son and I like to use this a lot.

Lindsey Taylor
Super fun addition to our homeschool art supplies!

Upping our homeschool art game!Each week my kids have to do a new art assignment, so I�m always looking for fun, new mediums for them to experiment with. As a watercolorist myself, I want them to love paints, but they just aren�t there yet. These are a great introduction to watercolors, with more control for little hands!My 9 year old was thrilled when he saw them, I guess his teacher last year had them and it was a big treat when they got to use them. We experimented with shading and blending on feathers this morning and they loved them once they got the hang of it.They do require a good bit of paint down so they blend smoothly, and blending has to happen almost immediately or you will have hard lines, but overall a fun addition to our art supplies!

MattCait Adkins
Bright & fun!

Awesome product! Entertained the adults and my 2 year old for quite some time.Great assortment of colors. Paint is bright, pigmented and flows nicely from the brush. We used them with, and without, water and had great results!Pens are nicely packaged and this set includes a 15 page pad of watercolor paper. Perfect gift for just about any age.

Would make a lovely gift for a crafty friend or family.

This is a steal! I paired these watercolor brush pens with the cute fox and holly pen carrier and I am ready for my Christmas watercolor crafting. Packaged nicely, shipped fast!

Greg M.
A new way to paint water color.

Wife loves it. She tinkers with water colors all the time and this makes it a different way of doing it. I asked if it was better but she said it is just different. A new way to do it. She likes it.

Shawna Whitt
Wonderful watercolors

I love these so far. Brushes are clean and smooth. Pens are all brightly colored and very blendable. I would absolutely buy again.

Fun to use but not for professional art work.

I bought these for crafting parties and they are fun to use. There's definitely a learning curve to using these. They are basically markers with brush tips instead of a solid tip.I practiced a little with these and I had trouble "painting" large pieces without feeling like I was painting with a dried out marker. I'm somewhat artsy and I couldn't get my drawings to look like real watercolor or anything close to the picture examples.These are fun for kids or people who aren't trying to make serious art. It's a cool concept and I really liked using them. However, if you are making a masterpiece you definitely need real paint, not these marker brushes.

Nabeela Saleem
So much for so little

I thought it would be bad due to the price. But I'm happy with the quality of the paint. It may not be Daniel Smith, or windsor and newton. But the price difference is far greater than the difference in paint quality between them. The blend well and easy to manipulate. So many color options as well. The silver and gold I don't like because they're very transparent. I like my shimmer to be more opaque. But the other colors are beautiful.

S. Barnes
Great Quality and a Great Price

I loved the packaging and how quickly this item got to my home. There are tons of colors and the fact there is a color swatch sheet included. When I first opened the packaging I thought there weren�t as many paints as it said there would be, then I realized there was a whole other level of paints I didn�t realize were underneath. Lots of paint for money.

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