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HOW TO: Make a Joker Mask for Halloween Using Chalk Markers

DIY Joker Mask for Halloween with Chalk Markers | Chalkola Art Supply

This Halloween... Maybe the joke's on you.

Still unsure who you should be for the spookiest time of the year? This tutorial video on how to make your own Joker mask just might be able to help you decide on that.
To be in theme this Halloween, you don't need to risk going out to buy an elaborate mask, wig, or costume. For your Joker character to stand out, all you need are Chalkola Chalk Markers, a plain white mask, and a wicked imagination.
Trust us, you can create the most sinister looking mask in just a few minutes, but leave the scariest impression on people that would last a lifetime!
Ready to get serious on the Joker? Let's see how terrifying you can get with this DIY Joker mask project!

Materials needed:

Now turn that frown upside down and let's go create your scary clown:

1. Lay out all your materials. Using your flesh and brown toned markers, start drawing lines and creases all over the mask.
2. Dip your paint brush in water and use this to smudge the lines you've drawn on the mask.
3. Once that's all dry, add more facial lines and details using the same set of flesh and brown toned markers.
4. With your brightest and reddest chalk marker, draw on the Joker's infamous smile. Make it as messy and sinister as you can. You can do this by extending the smile's edges upward and toward the cheekbones.
5. Next, using your black chalk pen, color around the eyes to make it the darkest pair of peepers ever to be seen on a clown. You can use your marker directly, but if you want the effect to be extra smudged and messy, you can pump out ink from your liquid marker, dip your paint brush in it, and then draw on the eyes.
6. Add your finishing touches and details, and with a tissue paper, blot out the excess ink, if any, to make sure the colors dry quickly. 

And just like that, you now have the most terrifying clown face to wear for Halloween! Hope you have a terrifying one!

Unsure how to get your chalk markers started? No worries. We've created this video guide so you'd know how to keep the ink from your chalk markers flowing smoothly whenever you use them! 

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