Hand Painted Sunflower on DIY Denim Dress Using Acrylic Paint

Posted by Sara Paredes on

Now you can paint any fabric using our new Chalkola Acrylic Paints! In today's tutorial, we'll teach you how to use it on a denim dress so you can paint any cuteness and show the world it's yours!

1. Use white paint for the base color and draw


2. Use the color yellow for its petals


3. Create yellow green by mixing green and yellow for the stems


4. Add depth by adding more green


5. Add details and use brown


6. And a lighter yellow to make it brighter


7. Finish off the details and you're done!


It's always fun to make anything personalize and the more stuff we make, the happier we become. That's why we made sure to satisfy all your artsy needs by introducing our new 32 Acrylic Paints! Try it now while stocks last.


You may also watch a more detailed tutorial of this DIY phone case by clicking on this link.


Get your Chalkola supplies here:


32 Acrylic Paint




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