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Delicate Illustrations and Watercolor Painting with Lonna Yen

  • 2 min read

Delicate Illustrations and Watercolor Painting with Lonna Yen

Chalkola’s Featured Artist | Lonna Yen

Meet Lonna Yen, the owner of Ink Furie, a calligraphy studio that specializes in turning words into art for life’s special moments. Lonna’s experienced in both modern and flourished copperplate calligraphy, and has worked with brides and entrepreneurs to incorporate calligraphy into their stationery, events, and branding. When not working, Lonna enjoys spending time with her loving husband and sons, and subsisting largely on caffeine and cake. 

lonna yen

Today, we’re thrilled to share an art tutorial that Lonna has created especially for us.

Read more and learn how to create a delicate and stunning artwork using a pencil and watercolor paint, straight from the expert.

Materials needed:

  • Chalkola Watercolor Paint (in Sepia, Burnt Sienna, Mauve, Cobalt Violet, Deep Green)
  • Watercolor paper (5”x7” or larger)
  • Regular pencil
  • Round paint brushes (size 3 or 5)
  • Porcelain palette (or paper palette)
  • Paper towels or small towel to dry excess water off brushes
  • Water in a container to rinse brush


  • Using a pencil, begin by sketching cotton balls on watercolor paper. Draw 4 to 5 circles. Then add calyx. For a more organic look, keep shapes slightly irregular.


  • On the palette, squeeze a small amount of Sepia, Burnt Sienna, Mauve, Cobalt Violet, Deep Green.


  • Cotton Balls: Dilute Sepia (10% paint and 90% water). Then use this mixture to paint the cotton balls. Use a very light touch and layer on the color as needed.
  • Inside of Calyx: Once the cotton balls are completed, dilute Burnt Sienna (50% paint and 50% water) and begin painting the inside of the calyx. Layer the Burnt Sienna to create shade at the tips and bases.
  • Outside of Calyx: Mix Mauve and Cobalt Violet to create a deep plum color. Add this plum color randomly to the outer calyx. Finish painting the outer calyx with Sepia (undiluted).


Find more of Lonna’s incredible creations here:
Instagram: @inkfurie
Facebook: inkfurie

If you enjoyed this watercolor painting tutorial with Lonna, you might be interested to find more inspiration from this comprehensive list of 157 Easy Watercolor Painting Ideas! Happy painting!

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