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Abstract Garden Painting Using Acrylics with Debbie Grossman

Abstract Garden Painting Using Acrylics with Debbie Grossman

Chalkola's Featured Artist | Debbie Grossman

This month, we’re honoring an award-winning artist based in Florida named Debbie Grossman. By day, she teaches art to students of all ages, from 5 years old to 92 years young, but during her free time, she paints nature- and peace-inspired artworks that pulsate with life and vivid colors. We had the pleasure of virtually sitting down with her, and talking more about her inspirations and how she became the amazing artist that she is today.

Chalkola Featured Artist Debbie Grossman

Hi, Debbie! Tell us a bit about yourself.
As a young child, I wanted to become an artist. Throughout the years I created art for enjoyment and used it as a therapeutic tool. When times of challenges occurred in my life, I produced a large amount of paintings.
In 1995, I placed second out of 1,300 artists in an international art contest. I have several repeat collectors and new ones as I create fresh new pieces. One day, I would love to have my artworks on display in a museum.
I am grateful for the gift of art and being able to share my work and knowledge with the world. In addition, I am proud to have been able to have donated some pieces to different children’s charities and other organizations.

How long have you been painting?
I have been painting since I was five years old and started selling my artworks in 1995. 

What’s the story behind it?
I was given art supplies as a young child. They became my favorite toys. I began to collect all kinds of tools and supplies throughout my life. I love reading about artists and going to art museums. Creating artworks is my favorite way to express myself. It's how I breathe. 

And how long have you been teaching art?
I have been teaching art for 10 years — to students that are 5 years old and students that are 92 years young. I absolutely love teaching children, they have such amazing energy! Unlike adults, they are not scared to make mistakes and are very open to using new techniques and materials. 

Debbie Grossman Artwork

How did you come up with the name 'The Happy Paintress’?
For over 12 years, my mother was fighting cancer. I took care of her. However, to take care of myself, I would paint, sketch, and draw to keep my spirits up. She would say, “You are so happy when you are painting.” She inspired me to create the name @thehappypaintress.

What’s your favorite art technique and medium?
I love exploring many different art techniques. I have many different bodies of work. All are cheerful and serene. Lately, I have been creating nature-inspired abstract expressionism. I like using lots of layers with bold designs, vivid colors, and lots of details. 

What inspires you as an artist?
I am inspired by nature, especially my garden. 

What advice can you give on how to find inspiration for art and creating?
Inspiration is all around, as well as inside of you. I like to daydream and meditate. I listen to my soul. Soft music and aromatherapy keeps me in the flow while creating in my studio. 

What’s your preferred Chalkola product to work with and why?
I absolutely love the box of 64 acrylic paints. The vibrancy of the colors and the consistency of their texture are fantastic.

Chalkola Featured Artist Debbie Grossman
We’re also thrilled that Debbie shared a tutorial video on abstract garden painting using Chalkola Acrylic Paint and Acrylic Paint Markers. It’s not often that we get the chance to learn tips from an award-winning artist and see her at play – so grab your paints, markers, and canvas, and let’s go on a nature-filled art-venture with Debbie Grossman!

Materials used:


  • First, lay down the newspaper. Pick your favorite paint colors. Squirt a dot of each background color in each section that you would like to paint. Spread the paint with a brush. Let dry for an hour.
  • Paint in your designs using a thin brush with black and white. Let dry for 20 minutes and then go over the white several times. You may sharpen your designs with the acrylic markers. Let dry for 30 minutes.
  • Now add patterns and details with your favorite colors within each section. Let dry for 20 minutes.

Abstract Garden Painting Using Acrylics

Debbie's abstract garden painting using Chalkola Acrylics

Find more of Debbie's incredible artworks here:
Instagram: @thehappypaintress

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