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Create a Watercolor Artwork for Mother’s Day

Create a Watercolor Artwork for Mother’s Day

Mom’s the word!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and there’s no better gift to give to the moms in our lives than something personalized and from the heart. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or store-bought. In fact, handmade cards or crafts can tug at the heartstrings more than anything else.

To show our appreciation and to celebrate all the strong and wonderful moms, we’ll be sharing how you can create a beautiful and detailed artwork for Mother's Day using watercolor paint and watercolor brush pens, two of the most versatile art tools that you can apply so many art techniques with.

Aside from having the chance to express yourself through painting with watercolor, this art project will also allow you to practice your drawing skills, as you would be illustrating the outline of your artwork before painting it. 
It’s up to you to choose the artwork that you want to paint, just as long as it means something to you or the person you’re giving it to–something that will make them smile each time they see it.

Ready to paint the best Mother’s Day artwork yet? Let’s enjoy this MOMent and get creative!

For this artwork, you will need:

Watch the video below to see how you can adjust the opacity of your watercolor paint, and how you can easily add layers and details without smudging the paint using watercolor brush pens.


  • Lay out your materials. With your inspiration ready, lightly but clearly draw the outline of your artwork using a newly sharpened pencil (this will help you create a clean and sharp-looking outline).
  • Done and satisfied with your drawing? You can then proceed to applying the base colors using watercolor paint and a paint brush. If you plan to add some layers, it’s best to keep your base colors light and semi-transparent. To achieve this, you can mix an equal amount of water to your paint. Once your paint brush is loaded with the mixed paint, just gently dab it on a dry cloth or tissue to prevent the color from being too watery.

Note: With watercolor painting, always start light with your colors so you can easily blend and adjust the opacity as you paint.

  • After painting your base colors and once the paint is dry, you can start having fun with details and layers using watercolor brush pens. With paint pens, you don’t need to add water or worry about the ink leaking into your base paint as they already have the perfect amount of paint and water. Just use these brush pens like you would a regular pen or marker to create details and accents! Their colors are already vivid at first application in that beautiful watercolor effect that we love.

And there you have it–an incredible Mother’s Day artwork like no other. Whether you want to work on a dozen little postcards or one big artwork, the mom or moms in your life will surely treasure this priceless gift more than anything else. 

If you feel like creating and sending out a greeting card or mail art using watercolor brush pens, check out this awesome Happy Mail Watercolor Brush Pens Tutorial With A Free Downloadable Print by Alaska-based mixed media artist, Leaca Young. Happy painting!

...And to all the amazing moms, Happy Mother’s Day! We celebrate you!

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