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HOW TO: Paint a Sky Using Chalkola Acrylics

Posted on 06-Aug-2020

With its ever changing hues and shades, the sky has always been a fascinating subject, especially in art. It sets the mood for a landscape painting, it serves as an essential backdrop for any outdoor portrait, and it never fails to provide a stunning color palette that you just want to capture through painting or photography. In this article, we’re...

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HOW TO: Draw Lavenders Using Chalkola Watercolor Brush Pens

Posted on 31-Jul-2020

We love how lavender smells, and we certainly love how it looks, too! So we’ve prepared this easy-to-follow guide on how to draw this aromatic plant using watercolor brush pens. If you haven't tried drawing with this material before, you'll surely enjoy practicing through the relaxing strokes of illustrating beautiful lavender flowers.  Materials needed: Chalkola Watercolor Brush Pens Watercolor Pad...

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ARTIVITY: Make a Chalkboard Search Game in 3 Easy Steps

Posted on 31-Jul-2020

Be an art and game master in one by making your own chalkboard search game! All you need are your trusty Chalkola Chalkboard and Chalk Markers, and your creative imagination, and you’re set to create a unique world full of hidden objects. What’s so great about this concept is that you can change up the drawings, themes, and difficulty levels of your game,...

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ARTIVITY: Learn the One Stroke Technique Using Acrylic Paints

Posted on 31-Jul-2020

You don’t need years and years of experience to paint like a pro. This easy peasy tutorial on the one stroke technique will show you how to create a detailed and layered artwork using Chalkola Acrylic Paints. With one brush load and one stroke, you can paint with two colors at the same time and come up with a masterpiece like a...

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ARTIVITY: Boost Your Business with an Eye-Catching Memo Using a Letter Board and Chalk Markers

Posted on 30-Jul-2020

Attract more business with a more attractive signage–and you don’t need to spend a lot to do just that. With this fun, convenient, and easy-to-use Chalkola art supply duo–letter board and chalk markers–you can change up your messages, colors, and designs anytime you want. What’s more, you’re guaranteed to enjoy coming up with creative signages each time. Materials needed: Chalkola...

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ARTIVITY: Create a Magical Artwork with Chalkola Markers

Posted on 27-Jul-2020

Shine a light on your artwork and see its magical details come to life! This art activity may seem like it requires a special trick or spell, but trust us when we say it’s pretty simple and easy to do–no hocus pocus needed. Check out the basic materials you’ll need below: Chalkola Black Markers (6mm and 3mm) PVC clear cover...

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78 Painting Ideas To Inspire And Delight Your Inner Artist

Posted on 07-May-2020

If you want to be inspired to paint, then you’ll love this epic list of painting ideas. We have scoured the web to find 78 incredible ideas that will inspire you to bring art into your life. So, if you are ready to delight your inner artist, dive in. Canvas Painting Ideas We start our list with the more traditional...

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#ChalkolaDaily Challenge: Create Art at Home

Posted on 20-Apr-2020

Since we are all at home, it's best to spend your time on being productive and the best way is to create art! It is not only satisfying, it will also help lighten your mood and exercise your creativity.   We're hosting a #ChalkolaDaily Art Challenge and you wouldn't want to miss this. Rules are simple: we post drawing prompts and...

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Posted on 09-Apr-2020

They say, we should start em young. We all know that being creative plays an important role in our day to day lives. Creative people tend to become more original and always have bright ideas that they could be usedul for a promising future.   Here in Chalkola, we'd like to inspire you and your children to be more imaginative...

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6 Creative Projects To Do At Home

Posted on 05-Apr-2020

Every artist and hobbyist needs a little inspiration when it comes to producing new artworks. We are always in the hunt for new tips, tricks, and motivation. So here's a list of creative ideas that you can create with Chalkola Products and short tutorials on how to use them! Since the world is on lockdown because of the corona virus,...

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