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How to Draw an Owl Using Dry Erase Markers with Free Tutorial Sheet

  • 2 min read

How to Draw an Owl Using Dry Erase Markers with Free Tutorial Sheet

So many people are fascinated by owls. Whether it’s because they symbolize wisdom and endurance, or because they have huge, mysterious eyes that most find captivating, owls have always been considered as one of the most interesting and magical birds in the fictional realm and in real life. In Tokyo, there are owl cafes where you can enjoy meals or drinks with owls -- but at a safe distance, of course. Many owls have also appeared in the Harry Potter films -- one of which had been Hedwig, Harry’s two-foot tall Snowy Owl.

Having said all that, today, we’re doing an owl appreciation post and showing you how to draw one in simple steps that beginners can easily follow. We’re also including a step-by-step guide sheet here so you can practice illustrating offline and take it with you anywhere you wish. 

We’ve chosen to use Chalkola Dry Erase Markers for this art-venture for awesome reasons. One, their colors are super vibrant and dry to a bright and matte finish. Two, the ink is non-toxic, odorless, and erasable on non-porous surfaces, so if you decide to use these markers on glass or a non-porous chalkboard or a whiteboard, you can just wipe off your drawing whenever you want to start all over again. Lastly, you get 60 markers in 12 vivid colors, which means you won’t be running out of markers anytime soon!

Materials needed:

Ready to draw your hoot-iful owl? Just watch the video below and check out the step-by-step guide that you can also use as a practice sheet offline.

Note: You can choose to sketch your owl outline using a pencil first if you’re not yet comfortable drawing with a marker right away. 

How to Draw an Owl

If you enjoyed learning how to draw an owl, you might want to explore How to Paint an Eagle Using Acrylics for your next artivity. Happy creating!

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