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Stippling Paint Technique with Chalk Markers

Stippling Paint Technique with Chalk Markers | Chalkola Art Supply

I'm sure you've heard of the wonderful stippling paint technique and are wondering how to do it easily. Here at Chalkola, we promise to help you create beautiful artworks in the easiest way possible.


Today, let's start by learning how to paint a sunflower using the stippling technique but instead of paint, we will be using our chalk markers. Amazing right? :)


Materials needed


1. Draw an outline of your design


2. Get a brown chalk marker and begin stippling at the center of the sunflower

Tip: choose the darkest area of your design as a starting point for stippling


3. Get an orange chalk marker and stipple on the outer part of each petal


4. Stipple the inner part of the petal with yellow chalk marker


5. Just keep stippling until you get the look you want


6. Use a dark green marker for the outer part of the stem and leaves


7. Use light green for the inner part


8. paint the background and add details to make it more interesting


And you're done! Very simple yet looks amazing.


You may also watch a more detailed tutorial by clicking on this link.




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