How To Paint With Chalk Markers [DIY Tutorial]

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Did you know that you can actually paint with Chalk Markers? Yes, you read that right. Amazing, isn't it?

For today's tutorial, let us teach you how to actually paint with Chalk Markers. Follow these easy steps and be a pro sooner than you think!


Let's start!


1. Shake the chalk marker


2. Press the chalk marker tip on the palette for 3-5 times



Method 1: Wet Brush

1. Dip the brush in water


2. Pick up chalk ink with the wet brush


Method 2: Dry Brush

1. Pick up chalk ink with a dry brush


The difference?


Let's mix!


1. Mix the chalk ink with your brush


Layering made easy

1. Paint your first layer


2. Let it Dry


3. Paint your second layer


4. Build up your color with more layers


5. Pick up chalk ink with your dry brush


6. Dab onto chalkboard for bushy leaves effect


7. Repeat with a lighter color for highlights


There you go! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


You may also watch a more detailed tutorial of this DIY phone case by clicking on this link.


Get your Chalkola supplies here:







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