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Cool Drawing for Father's Day Using Watercolor Brush Pens

Watercolor Brushpens Drawing for Father's Day | Chalkola Art Supply

Something we made for the awesome dads out there. But before anything else, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!⠀


This artwork shows two different faces of a man. A frowning face for work time and a grinning face for beer time. I guess many dads out there can relate to this. 😉


Let us show you how this was created:


1. Draw out your subject using a pencil. Start with the eyes, nose and mouth. 

2. Apply the first wash of flesh tone.

Tip: Mix primary yellow and a bit more red to make light orange. Dilute it before applying the color.

3. Let the first wash dry.

Note: Be sure to let each layer of washes dry completely before laying down new ones.

4. Paint the facial shadows and let it dry

Note: Use your preceding mix but make it less diluted.

5. Using a smaller brush, refine facial details.

6. Use a dark color when painting the hair.

7. Paint the details of the hair using a white paint

Tip: You can use a white acrylic paint or white chalk ink for this.

8. Let it dry fully.


Then just write anything you want for text. This could be your Happy Father's Day greeting card. Personalised with good humor! Hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial. :)


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