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How to Create Your Own Bullet Journal

Create Your Own Bullet Journal | Chalkola Art Supply

Welcoming the new year is a great opportunity to set your plans and goals–however short-term or long-term they may be–whether they’re for the coming days, weeks, months, or for the whole year ahead.
The best way to do this is through a bullet journal, which is a planner, diary, and meditation notebook in one. With this type of journal, you won’t just have a calendar planner; you’ll also have space to write down your thoughts, daily reminders, inspirational messages, and even punny lines that bring a dose of positivity and encouragement throughout your days. Bullet journaling is a simple and wonderful way to keep yourself on track and at the same time, provide you the chance to express yourself through words and art.

To start your journaling, you won't need to spend extra just to buy a planner because you can easily create one. The exciting thing about a DIY journal is that you can customize how you want your pages to look–where you want the dates and days to go and how you want each section to be. You can also personalize each month on the calendar with different designs, colors, and styles. Most importantly, you get to be creative and resourceful by repurposing a blank notebook that you may already have lying around!

Ushering in 2021 is already looking like so much fun with this new plan. So, let’s get to it!

Materials needed:

Ready to create your very own bullet journal? Let’s watch the video below for helpful tips and instructions!


  • Lay out your materials. On the spread out pages of your notebook, decide where you want your calendar to go and start lining your paper using a pencil and ruler.
  • Once your calendar is done, you can start tracing your penciled in lines with acrylic paint markers and marking the days with your dot markers. You can play around with the colors depending on the dates or events that fall on those days.
  • To write the dates inside your dot marker stamps, use acrylic paint markers. Check out how we alternated color combinations in the video!
  • On the side of your calendar, you can start designing the spaces for your daily written thoughts, reminders, gratitude lists, and meditation messages. It’s up to you what you want to highlight or allocate more space for.
  • If you have some stickers that you want to include in your calendar pages, go for it. Your bullet journal is completely yours to design and create, and that’s a great start to expressing yourself!

We hope you had fun creating this colorful bullet journal with us. We’re looking forward to going on more art-ventures with you this 2021!

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