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Fun with Stemware and Chalkola Chalk Markers

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Fun with Stemware and Chalkola Chalk Markers | Chalkola Art Supply

RixCanDoIt publishes YouTube videos for people who enjoy working with pencils and pens as well as those interested in photorealistic drawing.  Rix likes to demonstrate new techniques to help artists improve their work and better express themselves.  He was very enthusiastic about Chalkola chalk markers and all the creative ideas he thought of as he played with them.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:
  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Chardonnay glass
  • Dry paper towel
Rix thought of all the non porous surfaces in his house and decided to decorate one of his wife’s wine glasses.  Don’t worry, Mrs. Rix, he’s a professional! different sized nibs First, he looked at the choices he had.  He liked being able to choose from 3 different sized nibs.  Once all the packages were opened he was able to see that he had more choices than he ever expected to have when it comes to colors. Chardonnay glass He chooses a Chardonnay glass, a wise choice.  Its oversized bowl not only encourages the wine to give up its flavors but provides a fairly large canvas for artistic efforts. pink Chalkola chalk After prepping the regular-sized pink Chalkola chalk marker, he begins to “paint” his masterpiece. pink flower The pink flower is bright and beautiful on the glass.  Rix has said earlier in the video how much he likes the consistency of these chalk markers;  the application is very smooth, more like paint than markers. green Chalkola chalk A green Chalkola chalk marker provides the stem of the flower as well as the leaves.  Rix likes the fact that the bullet tip can make more than one line thickness. brown marker Once the brown marker is prepped Rix begins to add details to his creation. yellow marker Something else is needed to complete the picture so Rix prepares the yellow marker. colors are vivid Now a sun shines down on the pink flower.  The colors are vivid and really stand out.  Although Mrs. Rix has wine charms for her stemware, Chalkola chalk markers could be used as a fun way to differentiate between wine glasses. wipe off the Chalkola Now it’s time to see just how easy it is to wipe off the Chalkola chalk markers.  Rix tries a dry paper towel first with excellent results. no residue Mrs. Rix will be relieved that her stemware is exactly as it was when her husband borrowed it.  All the color is off the glass and there is no residue whatsoever.  It looks as if it’s been freshly washed and dried and Rix had a lot of fun with the Chalkola chalk markers.   Also read – A Professional Artist Tries Chalkola Chalk Markers

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