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Vibrant colors

Great quality, vibrant colors, exactly what I was looking for.

Caroline Sewell verified buyer

20 Chalk Markers + 20 Acrylic Markers Bundle

Ultimate chalk pen and acrylic paint pen duo!

• Versatile Art Supplies Set - 20 liquid chalk pens + 20 acrylic paint pens
• 6mm Chalk Markers - reversible nib; 20 pastel colors
• 3mm Acrylic Markers - reversible nib; 20 bright shades
• Mess-Free & Non-Toxic - safe for kids; erasable on non-porous surfaces

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Mom Tested & Approved
Kid Safe + Non-toxic
Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

Vibrant colors

Great quality, vibrant colors, exactly what I was looking for.

Caroline Sewell verified buyer

Multi-Surface, Versatile, and Convenient

Enjoy creating art on virtually any surface: fabric, textile, canvas, metal, pottery, treated wood, plastic, stone, terra cotta, polymer clay, rocks, ceramics, and more. No matter the surface, your masterpieces will remain vibrant, as these awesome acrylic paint pens are resistant to water, fading, and abrasion.

A Blast for Families, Students, and Customers

Whether you want to embark on an art-venture with the kids at home, add more charm to your classroom lessons, display eye-catching signs for your business, our markers make creating vivid and striking messages and designs effortless.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great product

Used for rock painting. Works great

Love these chalk markers!

This is my first time using chalkboard markers and I am in love! I 100% recommend these ones. They wrote super clear and nice. The colors are super vibrant. And I messed up several times and it was super easy to erase.

Jeffrey Sippel
Super stuff!

Used them with a stencil on the chiseled end, they worked great! Love the colors on the vintage pack.

Jennifer Martins
Great chalk markers.

These are amazing and worked wonderful for my birthday signs. I was able to clean the chalk off easily and everyone thought is was marker.

thomas c henry
Lots of great colors, easy to use!

These pens are colorful, easy to use and great for rock painting! We used them for a birthday party where the kids painted rocks and his them later for others to find. Colors are vibrant and there is plenty of variety! I would buy again!

Rachel Brown
Brilliant and worth the cost

Used these on canvas. Loved the brilliance of the colors and the consistency of pigment. The only downside is that there were some drops that cane out to fast when pumping the marker on first usage.

Christopher Tempus
Bomb paint pens!!!

These paint pens are fantastic! I love them. My kids love them. Great colors. Awesome value and gives us the ability to create endless projects!The only pen we seem to have issues with is the white. It's not solid enough. It's more transulent.

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