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Artist's Corner: Fun Ways to Use Chalk Markers on Glass and Mirrors

  • 2 min read

So Many Possibilities with Chalkola Chalk Markers! | Chalkola Art Supply

Our friend Rachel loves using Chalkola Chalk Markers on her coloring pages, but today, she's sharing another brilliant way to use these versatile markers–on glass and mirrors! Let's see how our creative friend and her equally creative daughter enjoyed coloring and creating in vibrant colors with their Chalkola markers!

Materials used:

Chalkola Chalk Markers are ideal for making signages in, around, or away from home. Here, Rachel has made a sign using her own special technique. Chalkola’s Platinum SeriesToday, she's using Chalkola’s Platinum Series Jumbo Chalk Markers. She likes the way they look and she's excited to try them out on many different activities and surfaces!jumbo chalk markersAside from being the perfect coloring and creating buddy, Chalkola’s Jumbo Chalk Markers also make communicating in the house super fun! They're great for writing on mirrors, whether it's a morning greeting or a reminder for a busy hubby or car The family car is another unique surface for Chalkola Chalk Markers. You can express an opinion, announce a marriage, inspire others, or even let the world know that your car is for sale. The possibilities are endless.being creative Rachel’s daughter loves Chalkola Chalk Markers, too. She spent hours being creative with them, especially on the windows! What's so great about this is that it's easy to clean up after, and the kids can draw whatever they want anytime–it's really fuss-free. brilliant colors She's thrilled about all the brilliant colors and the fact that she could draw as much as she wants, wipe it away, and create again. wipe off Chalkola Rachel is about to show us how easy it is to wipe off Chalkola Chalk Markers from surfaces. Since these markers are water-based and non-toxic, clean-up is always a breeze.window cleanerShe uses window cleaner on the mirror just because it's her regular cleaner of choice, but it's really not necessary. Chalkola Chalk Markers can easily be wiped off using a damp cloth.few smears At first pass, most of the marker comes off, leaving just a few residue Another swipe with the cloth and everything comes off the mirror, leaving no residue. welcome sign Rachel then decides to make a semi-permanent welcome sign for her home. She prefers to do this with Chalkola Chalk Markers because they give a more finished look than plain chalk. She first outlines the letters with ordinary chalk before tracing them with the bolder and brighter colors of her Chalkola markers. greeting sign She puts the finishing touches on her greeting sign–a warm and welcoming thing to see when you open the door!markers Rachel loves working with these markers on many different surfaces! The Platinum series is great for kids, as well as other projects for grown-ups. Rachel is particularly excited about the regular chalk markers and the metallic markers because they bring a different dimension and all sorts of options to her hobby of coloring. Chalkola Chalk Markers bring out the creativity in people of all ages. Also read: Fun With Stemware And Chalkola Chalk Markers

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