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DIY Summer Home Decorations Painted with Chalk Markers

DIY Summer Home Decorations Painted with Chalk Markers | Chalkola Art Supply

Thinking of ways to design your home for the summer? Maybe for parties or just to decorate your room to match the season. Here's an easy tutorial so go get ready to cut up some paper and paint it with Chalkola chalk markers.



Draw your shapes using a pencil. We drew different fruit characters for this tutorial.


Dab chalk paint on a palette and use a watercolor brush and dip into water to use it as paint.


Experiment with different colors and paint the base.


Draw details using chalk markers.


Cut the shapes and hang it on a string using double sided tape.


Add different shapes in between. We used triangles.


That's it! Hang it anywhere you want.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


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